Monday, March 31, 2008


The girls, Roosevelt and I headed to the shore right after school on Friday! MBM was flying in from Seattle and went right from the airport to the shore. We had a great Friday, beer, People magazine, and early to bed! I am a nerd, I know!!!! But, I have spent so many Friday nights peddling my goods it was so nice to get in my jammies and relax!
Saturday, we were up early and headed over to our house to clean and prepare for our summer tenants. Saturday night was basically a repeat of Friday...and I loved every second of it!
Sunday, we headed home. Well, actually directly to the lacrosse field as the girls had a "playday" to kick off their season. Thank goodness, Spring decided to make an appearance. The girls were great! They won, 14-10...Emma had four goals! And, Caroline doesn't let her size hold her back from being a fierce defender.

Emma, #59, going toward goal

Caroline guarding a girl a bit taller then her!

Emma passing to Caroline...I almost fainted! Emma doesn't really like to share the ball and with her sister...I was blown away!

What's in store for this week...more lacrosse, logging some hours at the gym, lacrosse, sewing, lacrosse, court, lacrosse, manicure and pedicure, lacrosse...


melissa said...

Yeah for LACROSSE!! :)


Meg said...

I had missed your earlier post on the beach house...and I just have to say, I love it! I am so happy for you that you and your family have a place to go that is so special to you all. It looks like a real gem. Maybe some day it will be replaced by that picture you have in your head, but until then, I know you must love every little worn inch!