Monday, April 6, 2009

Spring Break

The girls are on Spring Break this week. I am looking forward to having a relaxing week split between home and the shore. Here is how it has gone so far... Friday...Lulu had a playdate here for the afternoon...pick up Caroline at school, b/c we were lucky enough to win (or lose) the chance to care for the class hermit crabs after Caroline to friends...pick up Emma and Caroline from friends houses at 9:00PM Saturday...early lacrosse game...lots of chores around the house. Sunday...all day lacrosse event at the University of Delaware. Lots of fun, but a very long day...Caroline and Emma have friends sleep over, poor planning on my part, they were soooo tired and grumpy. Monday...Friends leave around lunch...pouring rain and trapped in the house for the day...girls have lacrosse this evening (weather permitting)...I have client appointment and a million errands to run. Tuesday...plans with friends after lunch. Wednesday...lacrosse game in Maryland and then headed to the shore. Thursday...Friday...Saturday...working on the beach house. When, I am not occupied there will be cleaning laundry, packing, and lots and lots of sewing.... I live such a glamourous life!