Monday, October 19, 2009

Back Burner

A few weeks ago, I mentioned greener pastures for us...well we have put the whole thing on the back burner.  After meeting with the realtor we have a clearer picture of the housing market and mortgage crisis. ...the housing market is in the potty, we would take a hit on our house, if we could sell it at all (only 3 houses in our price range, in our school district have sold in the last six months...UGH!!!!), we are heading into the holidays which is a TERRIBLE time to try to sell, not to mention try to keep the house tidy for showings.
So, we are going to revisit the move after the new year...from what we have learned, we are pretty confident the farm house isn't going to sell before then...all goes back to the mortage crisis. And if it should sell...then it wasn't meant to be!
My yard sale was rained my dining room is still a mess. I am planning on dragging everything into the garage until the rescheduled date of the 31st, yes, Halloween as if yard sales are creepy enough!
Our house has no signs of fall in it that is my goal today! As usual...late to the party!

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