Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Tooth Fairy

This just cracks me up...the missing tooth...and she is such a ham!

It has been raining here for two whole days. I have to say that it has been great to be stuck inside and I have been very productive. Yesterday, I cleaned the whole upstairs...changed all the sheets, clean and vacuumed all the bedrooms, cleaned the bathrooms. Cleaned out and organized the girls closets, again! Did ALL the laundry and even put it all away, which is a major feat itself.

Caroline and I went to the orthodontist today for her first visit. What do you think? Braces in her future?

For now she will get an expander and braces on her four front teeth. Her mouth is already jam packed with teeth and she still has six more permanent teeth to get...she is soooo excited to get the braces!

MBM is headed to the Phillies game tonight, so that means a trip to the mall is in order for the girls. We need to get the last few things for school so we can head to the shore for the weekend!


sisters with style said...

My oldest is going to have to get braces this year. He has my problem big teeth, but a little mouth. Unfortunately he has 2 adult teeth that can't come down because there isn't any room.

Very cute pictures of your girls.

workinthatpreppy(ADN) said...

cute, cute...

Meg said...

I had an expander. Poor girl. Keep lots of freeze pops on hand!

Meg said...

Such cute photos! I love the little missing tooth.

Doesn't it feel so good to be productive...that was an amazing day of accomplishments!

tulipmom said...

Adorable photos!

Back to beach? You lucky girl!