Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Day Off

Tuesdays are my official day off, from work, not life! I would like to have a restful day, maybe flutter around the house, read, make a nice dinner for the family. This is what my day was really like... 6:30 up with the girls 7:55 bus, Emma stayed home, orthodontist appt and doctor appt. 8:45 pick up Caroline for the orthodontist, yes, she was at school for 45 minutes, she didn't want to miss anything (NERD) 10:15 return Caroline to school 10:30 paint the trim on one window in the living room 11:15 pick up Lulu at the bus, head to Walmart, lunch in the car of course (prepared by Emma) see friend at Walmart, shop 12:30 Emma's doctor appointment, she has allergies, duh?, I've been telling them that! 1:15 Drag Emma and Lulu food shopping 2:30 Return home. Emma and Lulu offer to unload the car, so sweet! I head to my office to check email/blogs 2:45 Lulu tells me she accidentally dropped the milk and there is a puddle, clean up what the dog missed, head back to my office 3:00 Emma comes to tell me the dog "Kinda, got the meat." 3:20 Still sitting at my computer afraid to go up stairs! Wish me luck!

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e.m. said...

"kinda got the meat" ...priceless!Too funny!