Sunday, November 16, 2008

Full Plate

Burning the candle at both ends, full plate, crazy busy...whatever! I have just been running around like a nut...not knowing which way to go...I think things are going to slow down soon. I hope. Here is the low down... Girls. Same old...homework, sports, parties, and playdates! MBM. Busy with work and travel...he has been wearing lots of hats lately, picking up my slack. Work. I have been VERY busy, lots of appointments, nobody buying:( House. Totally torn apart, literally. We ripped out rugs in 3 rooms and the second floor hallway. I am painting and making new drapery for the Living, Dining, and MBM's office. There will also be some furniture refinishing. Extended family. Weddings, engagements, and I have a BIG FAT SECRET, that I cannot share for fear of jinxing it! Friends. I have not been a very good one of these lately...wonder if I have any friends left! Trying to get my act back soon! h.

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Kimba Rimba said...

A post now and the is better then no post at all! :)