Thursday, February 12, 2009

The List

I have been compiling a list(in my head)of things/projects I would like to complete before the end of the school year. And well it just seems to get longer and longer. So I have decided to take it one room at a time kind of thing. Since just about every room in our house has some sort of unfinished project. My rule is not to move to another room until this one is finished! That is hard for me! FOCUS, HEATHER, FOCUS! The first room...MBM's office. Before the holidays we had the floors refinished, I painted the office red (his Alma Mater color), added a ceiling fan, we rearranged and edited the furniture, hung some pictures, and then hit the breaks. The window treatments are near completion. This is the current state of his office...needs some love, no? And yes, that is our Vice-President wearing a triathlon medal in MBM's office... a Christmas gift for MBM from my uncle. Not sure if he will be relocated. What's left on THE LIST... 1. hang shelves, they are currently hanging in the butler pantry 2. frame old pipes, need to buy frames 3. do something fun with his old foot locker from college, maybe paint and definitely casters. 4. make pillows for leather chair 5. add a floor lamp, currently living on our that is a matter of unplugging, carrying down stairs, and plugging in


Life is what you make it said...

I love lists and projects.

I also love the red color of the
office. : )

melissa said...

Well, get to it girl! :) Easy for me to say - I have a list a mile long too!