Friday, May 15, 2009

These two...

Are kicking butts and taking names! Lilli will be two next month and Alec is 5 months old, they arrived here on Wednesday morning and I am exhausted! EXHAUSTED!!!! My SIL and BIL needed some last minute childcare and MBM and I were happy to help out. But, for the love of GOD, I was thrown back to diapers, bottles, naps, strollers, sippy cups, bibs, pacifiers, and all sorts of other equipment and it has knocked me on my A$$! Not to mention the 5:15AM wake up call. Now don't get me wrong they are angels...sweetest little babies ever, I just don't remember how hard it was having little littles around. Yesterday, I didn't shower and I forgot to eat lunch, I tucked myself into bed before my own children were in bed. Right now, Lilli is sleeping and Alec is chilling on MBM's lap, he is on a conference call. They will be leaving this afternoon. It should take me a good hour to gather up their belongings and breakdown all the equipment. I should also mention that my girls have been a HUGE help...especially Lulu since she is here most of the day (1/2 Kindergarten) but, having the babies here, I realized quite suddenly, she is not a baby anymore...BOOHOO! In othr news... I am way behind on sewing and buried under a big monogramming project...I am running my first ever 5K on Sunday, keep your fingers crossed, I am ok with being last, I just want to finish in a reasonable time)...this time next week I will most likely have my toes in sand!!!!!! Have a great weekend! h.


Preppy Sue said...

Wow, it does get easier as they get older. I can't imagine going back and doing all of it again. Sounds like you are a wonderful aunt!

Good luck in your 5K!

melissa said...

What a good auntie you are!! They are both just darling ... but I know, exhausting!! ;)

Good luck to you on your run - I am sure will will do well and be far from being in last place ... but you are right, just to finish is a huge accomplishment!! :)