Monday, May 4, 2009


There is nothing like hosting a party to get your butt in gear...that's what I was doing all last week. Cleaning, sewing, touching up paint, organizing, baking, shopping, cooking, polishing....Yesterday, I hosted a bridal shower for my SIL "to be", it was a lovely party on a not so lovely day, cold and rainy! I didn't take one picture all day or even before the guest arrived, you know, when you house is just so, everything in it's place, fresh flowers in every room, all your china and crystal sparkling....ahhhh. Less than 24 hours later in it back to it normal state of disorder! Saturday...Lacrosse game in the pouring rain. The girls LOVED it! Me not so much, Lulu not at all! Emma...on the side lines! Caroline passing! This week, I am chaining myself to my sewing machine. I am working on several diffierent projects for 3 different clients!


melissa said...

LOL ..the photo of Emma is priceless!! ;)

Hope you share your sewing creations!


Ivy and Haley said...

That's such a wonderful picture of your daughter. Talk about attitude on the field!

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