Monday, May 21, 2007

No Plans!

This week end was the first weekend in months that we didn't have one single thing on the calendar. Nothing, nada, nil! And we were thrilled!

Saturday morning we went to local preserve that winds in and out of Pennsylvania and Delaware.
MBM and the big girls went "mountain" biking.
Lulu and I took Roosevelt for a walk
and had a snack

It is a beautiful park. A large path follows the creek and there are tons of hiking paths.
Lulu wanted to wait in the car for the "bikers" to return...I think she just wanted to have Roosevelt trapped!
We spent the rest of Saturday and all of Sunday fluttering around the house and yard. Playing and doing a few chores here and there! I have been practicing with my focus, who knew?
This week I am focusing on getting all those "little"things around the house that need to be finished! We will see!


sisters with style said...

It sounds like you guys had the perfect weekend! In this hectic world in which we live, sometimes it is nice to have a relaxing weekend.

pink daisies said...

hello! i am asking a few of my blog "friends" for assistance..i am looking for a great new jewelry line that is unique, affordable, preppy, you have any suggestions from places you shop? thank you!! kelly

tulipmom said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful morning at the nature preserve. It's nice to have a weekend without any plans from time to time.

suburban prep said...

The best weekends are when you have nothing planned and just swing with it.

Meg said...

The weekends without any plans sometimes turn out to be the best. This looks like a delightful outing. Love all the pix!

pink daisies said...

thanks so much for your recommendation! i have contacted her and am also happy to know about her blog. thanks so much!

pink daisies said...

one more thing...i am also interested in possibly carrying a few of your bags if you would have time/are interested! kelly

Kerry said...

can you believe I don't own a bike? We can't go bike rising as a family - how sad is that?