Sunday, May 6, 2007

Seven Things!

Meg over at My Little Cottage tagged me for Seven Things...Thanks, Meg! Here we go! 1. My feet have not grown since the eighth grade...still a size 5! I still have and wear the same snow boots I bought the day after Christmas when I was thirteen. 2. When I was pregnant with my oldest I could eat a red onion like an apple...yuck! 3. I am a "trash picker"... some of my favorite pieces in our house I plucked from the trash and refinished! 4. I can't stand having anything on the kitchen counters...clutter, mail, crumbs, appliances, etc...And I really can't stand when guest put stuff on my island. I have a strategy when entertaining, so people won't "unload" their stuff on my island! 5. My hands and feet are ALWAYS cold! Even in the summer. 6. Sometimes I take Lulu to school in my Pajamas...more like once a week! Thank God for car line! 7. I check my favorite blog several times a day! I am obsessed! Tag your it...Emily, Tres Posh Preppy, and Perfectly Pink!


Libby said...

I'm laughing over here, I have this image of you eating a red onion in your pajamas and snow boots! A great list, HQM!

Tres Poshe Preppy said...

Ooh, I've been tagged! I will get going on that!

J said...

Glad to see I'm not the only one still wearing snow boots bought in middle school!