Thursday, May 3, 2007

A Star is Born

Last night Caroline had a class play! The Lion and The Mouse. The theme of the night was PEACE. A few poems and songs and another second class performed The Ugly Duckling. The children were so precious and SERIOUS!!!

Caroline was THE MOUSE. This is her with her leading man the lion!
And taking their well deserved bow!

I was such the crazy mom, I am normally more laid back. I am supportive and proud, I would just rather stand back and watch. Well not last night. We arrived 25 minutes before the children needed to be there. We set up camp in the front row! Now in my defense...I am the homeroom mom and had to set up the refreshments so I needed to be early. Maybe just not THAT early!

I took 63 pictures and cried through the whole thing!!!! A mix of emotions, nerves for Caroline, because she was as cool as a cucumber, pride, happiness, and a bit of sadness, she is not that little anymore!

The teachers were so sweet to ask Emma to had out the programs. She was thrilled and took her job SERIOUSLY! One parent reported back to me that she was saying "Enjoy the show!" as she handed them the program. She is so sweet!

And Lulu, just being Lulu...cute! In my humble opinion. She was NOT allowed to leave that seat!

Okay! I am starting to make my own stomach sick with all this gushing over my girls!! Enough bragging! For now!


tulipmom said...

Your girls are precious, just beautiful. And you deserve to gush.

Meg said...

I love the gushing. 63 pictures!! WOW! Thank you for sharing.

On a completely unrelated note, I tapped you to play the "7 things" game. Have fun!

ADN said...'s that time of year to be nostalgic and weepy! you SHOULD be proud...your girls are adorable!

sisters with style said...

What adorable pictures of your girls. You have every right to be proud of them. Thank you so much for sharing.

melissa c said...

Your girls are too cute and yep, you should be proud!!
I brag on my boys all the time on my blog. You'll find out that once you have teenagers though, the things to brag about are few and far between!! LOL.

Kerry said...

so cute! Gushing mom's are the best - aren't we? :)

J's Crew said...

It is my personal opinion that there is something WRONG with a mother that doesn't gush every once in a while!

amanda said...

such cute girls. :)