Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Back to Work

I have been spending more time in my studio...more productive time! These bags, I made custom for my cousins fiance, as little gifts for her attendants. I really do not like putting zippers in bags, but, I found a great tutorial, that made all the difference!

The wedding is Friday. The rehearsal dinner is tomorrow night. I am doing a reading at the ceremony. I REALLY do not care for reading in front of a crowd, the thought of walk up to the alter in heels, and speaking into a microphone...brings back memories of all my years in Catholic school...shutter...childish, I know!
I was so touched that they asked me to be included in their ceremony, how could I not? So, I am hoping to act like a grown up for the ceremony. Then right back to behaving like a child when I get to the cocktail hour!!!!!!!
Tomorrow is Lulu's first day back to school...finally! Not that I am in a hurry to get rid of her...it just makes me crazy that her school starts so much later. She is very excited! To celebrate her first day back we are meeting a bunch of friends for a picnic in the park! That part is a surprise!


tulipmom said...

I absolutely LOVE these bags! Have fun at the wedding ... er reception.

suburban prep said...

The bags are great.
I know of what you speak regarding talking in front of others. try and relax and I know you'll do great.

sle said...

Cute bags!

MMM said...

LOVE the bags! Great job!

cammyk said...

These bags are just darling and what a perfect gift.