Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Coffee Talk

Every September, I host a Back to School Coffee for the moms at Lulu's preschool. There are about 80 families at the preschool and usually I can count on 20-25 mothers to come for some coffee and carbs. I started this 6 or so years ago when Caroline started her second year at the preschool. When we moved here, I didn't no anyone...I had NO friends outside my neighborhood. Then one day I ran into a preschool mom and her son at a local cafe, we were chatting in line, then two more preschool moms came in. We sat outside with our coffee and bagels, talking for the two hours our kids were at school. We learned we were all in the same to the area and NO FRIENDS! So, the Back to School Coffee was born!

Last Wednesday, I hosted my final coffee as Lulu will go off to Kindergarten next year! As usual, it was a success. Lots of "newbies"meeting and setting up playdates!!!
I love that a little coffee and some yummy treats help you make new friends! And I really hope someone will pick up the tradition next year!!!!!


sas said...

What a great tradition! I love that!

The 5 Bickies said...

A great idea and one I was thinking of for my preschool. I'm going to jump in and organize it. I too have been there since my now 4th grader was 3. I have 2 more years with #3. I'll start and hopefully they keep it going. How do you do the invites?

MMM said...

Great idea!

Libby said...

Back to school coffee sounds like a lovely tradition, I'm sure someone will make sure it is carried on. :)