Sunday, September 16, 2007

A Wedding and a Christening

I am happy to report that my reading at the wedding went well. I wasn't even maybe I am growing up? But, as promised I turned back in to a child the minute I arrived at the cocktail hour! Yikes!
(My niece Quin...flower girl)

(The bride and groom entered the ballroom ready to start the party!)

(My cousin and I...not a pretty picture of me!)

Great wedding.. a lot of dancing and way too much drinking! Thank goodness I had a day to recover before I stepped in to the role of Godmother today!

(B and B and Baby Lilli)

(MBM, the Godfather, and Lilli)

Back to normal, gymnastics, ballet, food shopping, the gym, laundry, fun, fun, fun!!!


tulipmom said...

Beautiful photos ... ALL of them including the one of you!

hqm said...

thanks, tulip mom!

Libby said...

A weekend full of celebration, what fun! I'm with Tulipmom, each and every photo is fabulous. :)

Kerry said...

Don't be silly - you look great!

Kimba Rimba said...

I LOVE the green (and is that navy)?
You look wonderful!!!!!!!