Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Back to work!

All finished with trunk shows and custom parties until February!!!! Now I will be hunkered down in my studio sewing, sewing, sewing to fill all the custom orders...I am afraid to count how may I have to do!

Saturday, after the trunk show we decided to go get our tree at a local Christmas tree farm. I love this place, it is like a scene from a movie...bonfires, hot chocolate, live reindeer, everyone bundled up, kids running around like crazy...love it, love it, love it! You can take a tractor ride to the field to cut down your own tree which is a lot of fun, but, this year it was just too cold and Team McCulley was just not dressed appropriately, so we opted for a pre-cut tree. Our tree this year is about 8-9 feet tall. In past years we have had 12 feet and over, ridiculous, I know! It really wasn't fun to have a tree of that size...we would have the farm deliver and set up the tree and of course write a big check to do so! Kind of takes away the "magic" of Christmas for me! We ran into several families we know...which is another reason I love this place...you always run into someone you know!

The girls with the reindeer...Douglas and Frasier

MBM with the girls...don't they look cold?

Yesterday, I went here with two of my friends! We left at 5:00am and returned home at 7:30 pm...tired but a lot of fun!


Matt said...

Burrrr. y'all look cold!

Sue said...

Live reindeer, how cool! Looks like fun!

Tres Poshe Preppy said...

Looks like lots of fun!