Thursday, August 28, 2008


Well, the gang just left for the last weekend at the shore. We have had a big week here...the girls met their new teachers today. Lulu will be starting Kindergarten, boohoo, this year. We had a bit of an ordeal with the teacher she was assigned. Emma had this teacher for Kindergarten, let's just say, she needs to retire. We thought it would be next to impossible to have Lulu reassigned, but MBM handled all the phone calls and the next thing I knew, we were sitting in the Principal's office, getting a bit of a lecture, but in the end Lulu will have a GREAT teacher. Emma has Caroline's teacher from last year and Caroline has an adorable shoe loving teacher. So all is good! School starts Tuesday! Work has been great. I went on my first solo appointment on Tuesday, it couldn't have gone better! Except for the flat tire I got on the way back. I am currently part time and it is working out great. They are pushing me for full time and I am having difficulty with I want the girls to come home to a sitter everyday? will I miss all their school events? How will it effect our household?The questions go on and on!!!! Any suggestions out there from working moms?


Life is what you make it said...

I say, stay part-time. I feel I have the best gig going working
part-time. I am a kindergarten
teacher, which can sound easy,
but we are full-day in my district
and it is pretty intense, between
the academics, all the prep,
parent hand-holding : ), etc.,
etc. Anyway.
I jobshare and work three days a
week. Which means I have two days
a week to spend being 'at home mom.' I love having the balance of both. As a teacher, I see such a difference in the kids, between parents who are really available and involved because they are either at home, work from home, or have a part-time sched. Working can be interesting and exciting,
but also draining, leaving less energy for family and home. I say,
stay part-time!
BTW, glad you were able to make a
switch with LuLu's teacher. You shouldn't have to have the same
teacher twice, if you didn't get on. We have kind of that policy at
our school, even though, our
principal really tries to keep
requests at bare minimum. We also
have a policy for the teachers,
that they don't have to have the
same family again, if they had
a challenging time the first go-round!

The Carlisle Connection said...

I work from 8am to 2:45pm. Basically when the kids are in school, I am working and I am still home 2 hours before I was when I was full time. Part time is the perfect setup! Our kids have a fall break and spring break, the littliest one still needs child care for those days and that is somewhat of a hassle!

Belle in Bloom said...

Good luck with school! We started two weeks ago. :(
I, myself, am debating on going to work part time. I would like to stay home, but the extra money sure would be nice. I say, only work as much as you have to. Part-time is good. But, that's just my opinion. Good luck with whatever you decide!