Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Day Off

I had the day off today. Tomorrow and Thursday I work, MBM is away so I had to ship the girls to the shore with my parents. While, I have been enjoying time alone at home, I am starting to get lonely. The girls will be at the shore for the next ten days. MBM will join them on Thursday and I will join them on Saturday. MBM will be leaving for a meeting on Sunday afternoon and I will be going from the shore to Fairfax, Va for work for a few days...the girls will stay at the shore. Are you with me? Because, I have to be honest it has been a crazy summer trying to organize and keep track of schedules. I can't believe I am going to say it, but, I am looking forward to school starting and having our family back under one roof. So, I spent my day in my studio cleaning out/organizing and now I am moving to the rest of the basement and playroom. My neighbor is having a garage sale on this weekend to benefit the pediatric cancer research...my trunk is filled with all sorts of stuff to add to the sale...LOVE TO CLEAN OUT!!!! One more thing....Homedaisy if you are checking in...I miss your blog!


More, More, More said...

How's your new job???

Homedaisy me too - I miss you too!

Shell said...

Sounds like you have a busy next few days. I enjoy reading your blog. I also miss Homedaisy!

suburban prep said...

You are proof that the family is the most important thing in life.
Enjoy the quiet (if you can).