Saturday, January 3, 2009


My baby girl celebrated her tenth birthday while we were at the shore last week. TEN! Huge, such a mile stone. She chose to travel 25 minutes north to Atlantic City to have her birthday dinner at the Rainforest Cafe. My parents joined us for dinner and then we returned home for birthday cake, ice cream, and gifts. She was on top of the world. This jump to double digits has brought a lot of change...lots of looking in the mirror and grooming. She even received a Christmas gift from "A BOY" in her class. That is how the card was signed from "A Boy"...too, cute. MBM doesn't agree! TEN...I can't believe it!

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Just Ask Beth said...

Yeah 10! My oldest will be 13 in June a Teen YIKES! Your 3 girls are like mine alike but yet so different, I am talking about their clothes, my girls are the same way they each have their own style!
BTW! I am originally from Turnersville, NJ! i miss the jersey shore