Monday, January 19, 2009

Snow and other stuff!

This is what I can home to, including my own, all over our front lawn sledding. They had a blast. After some hot chocolate and a warm bath they will sleep soundly tonight. Tomorrow my mom and are going fabric shopping. She has been wanting to change her great room at the shore for a while. We did a kitchen remodel last year and now she needs new window treatments and throw pillows to complete room. And for some reason, I am having trouble choosing stuff for her at work. So we decided to venture out together. Speaking of work...we are starting to pick up a little bit. I am hoping with the inauguration people will feel more confident spending money...fingers crossed! Totally inspired by other bloggers, I have started yet another weight loss crusade. I have had success with Weight Watchers in the past, so I am going to give it another shot. This time online, as my schedule just not permit me to get to weekly meetings. So far so good, the site is really easy to navigate and offers tons of tools for success. The hardest part...I only have 22 Points a day! Any and all pointers welcome! Mondays are going to be my Weigh-In was my first weigh in and I am down 2lbs. I am nervous about the accuracy of our scale...again, keeping my fingers crossed. One more thing to keep my fingers crossed about...we are headed to Annapolis to the Naval Academy this weekend for a lacrosse clinic. When we registered the girls we assumed it would be inside, you know because it is January and all, well it it OUTSIDE. I am hoping for a major shift in the weather. Is 65 degrees and sunny asking too much?


Shell said...

What a cute picture. It looks like they had fun!

Kimba said...

Pssstttt: Happy Birthday :)

melissa said...

OMG - I can not believe the lax clinic is outside?? A bit chilly, don't your think, much less the snow?!!
Good luck with WW - I'm sure you'll do great :)


Anonymous said...

I heard it will be 46 on Friday - hopefully that will continue through the weekend. Have fun!