Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Weight Watchers

Holding steady at 2lbs. is really hard for me not to weigh myself everyday. So far so good, as far as staying with in my points. I bought these...DELICIOUS!!!!! And only2 points! I have off tomorrow and Friday...woohoo...I have all sorts of projects lined up!


Twice as Nice said...

Those are good :o) Have you tried their Giant Fudge Bars...they are to die for and I think only 1 point!!!

melissa said...

Way to go!
I ate one (more like hundreds over the years) too many of those as well as MANY other fat free, low fat sweets ... that is why I am sugar free these days. I use to eat just about all my points in 'fat free' sugar - a major sugar addiction.
I sure do miss all those treats though!
Keep up the good work :)and have a great few days off - enjoy!


Just Ask Beth said...

I lost 2.8lbs. and really I wasn't going full force til after the SuperBowl, my friend who is so into it lost 8.8lbs. the first week. We weigh in Thursday I am sure I haven't lost a pound! Good Luck