Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Side Tracked

I found myself getting a bit off track this week with the Living Room. I want to be able to dedicate the time to making the drapery and accomplish it in a few days...this week that wasn't going to happen. So, I took on a smaller project...the "butler pantry" (that is what the builder called it, but we decided against the cabinetry because I had envisioned a big old piece in that spot)...anyway, it is a nook between the great room and dining room that sits at the top of the basement stairs. Here is it before...set up for a coffee. I was never happy with those shelves there, they were relocated to MBM's office. After patching the holes and touching up the paint... The window was a junk shop find, I actually bought two (one is going to the shore) Before: After removing all the glass, cleaning, and putting a picture hanger on the back. The lamps have been all over the house...most recently in the living room. I wasn't crazy about the shades, they are navy and shiny, had a silly white scarf ties around them and when lit the shade looked purple. YIKES!!! I did love the height, paint finish and price. So, I revamped the shades. It was so much easier than I thought! Stay tuned for the more on the lampshade re do tomorrow!


lisagh said...

You're brilliant! Love it.

Life is what you make it said...

You really are talented!