Friday, February 16, 2007

Back to Normal

Finally, back on our regular schedule! The girls went to school. I cleaned up my studio. I am ready to have a creative weekend! I get so excited when new fabrics arrive and I have been sewing away! I do custom handbag parties and the Spring Parties start next week...hooray!

I can hardly wait to show my new stuff...enjoy a preview!


a.elizabeth said...

Wow..You were so sweet to comment about me starting in with both feet! I looked at your website and your bags are fab! Do you have a manufacturer? I just don't know if I'm ready for the business world. Plus, I would be monogramming and sewing the purses. Could I keep up and could I handle the stress? Thanks again for your imput. Ironically, I was to use a couple of fabrics you have too! Mine would be different too...May just start w/ one size...a. Norman

melissa c said...

Love your bags, heather!!