Monday, February 26, 2007

Not Again!

Busy weekend at our household...

Friday the girls had off from school for a teacher in-service...of course, I volunteered to provide the teachers with lunch at both schools. So, I spent the morning delivering the goods. My husband just shakes his head at me. For one, he thinks I volunteer too much of my time and I hardly ever cook for my own family! But, I pull out the recipe box for the teachers! I always go the extra mile for teachers!

Friday night I had my first Custom Handbag Party. Everyone is itching for Spring. These girls went crazy for all the new prints. The party went late and I did not get in until 1:00...UGH!

Saturday we were all up early for C to make her First Reconciliation. The grandparents and Granny came back to the house for lunch. Which my husband made a beautiful lunch...Hooray, Matt!!! And my brother and his girlfriend showed up...for lunch! I swear he can smell food 40 miles away!

And then snowed again!!!! I NEED the winter to go away!!!!

Oh, and that is Roosevelt, C, and E!!! Cute...Right?


melissa c said...

Roosevelt is SO cute (your girls too!!) ... he looks exactly like our Baxter did as a little pup.


Kerry said...

What kind of puppy is this??? So cute! (kids too!)