Monday, November 12, 2007

24 Hours

I am exhausted...EXHAUSTED!!!! I did three handbags events in 24 hours, two custom parties and a trunk show, I logged 6 hours in the car and 6 hours sleep (not nearly enough sleep for me) the rest of the time I was pushing handbags.

Yesterday, I just wanted to stay home...but, we had a family Christening. I put my pajamas on at 3:30 in the afternoon and Emma I a took a nice nap, MBM made a great dinner for a fall evening, and the rest of the night I was parked in front of the television...which I never do...just sit and watch TV!

Today is cold and rainy! Lulu and I are off soon to ballet and gymnastics this morning and I am going to hit the treadmill while she is dancing. I somehow was convinced by my husband and friend to do a 5K on Thanksgiving...there is no turning back now! If you are interested in joining some other Bloggers...check this out!


Kerry said...

I hope they all were a super success!!

Anonymous said...

Heather, your my hero! It's amazing you got all that accomplished. Go girl!

tulipmom said...

Talk about a well-deserved nap!

And to think you will have worked off all those Thanksgiving calories before the food even passes your lips!