Sunday, November 4, 2007


Well we survived the weekend. My event on Saturday wasn't the best, but I did book a custom party for February and met a local gal (she is new to our area by way of Long Island) with a sweet little business and story similar to my own, stay at home mom with a sewing machine...blah, blah, blah! Check out her website...I did some Holiday shopping with her...these for my girls!

This for my nephew ....

And this for my niece......

My girls night was ok, the place the birthday girl chose was AWFUL...a hokie Italian restaurant, which was fine. But, when they cleared your plate they took your table away, too! The chef became a DJ...there was dancing on the bar...too many disco balls...the music was sooo loud you couldn't even talk without screaming...AND it was a total meat market...nothing I like more that women in their forties dressed and acting like they are twenty, it wasn't even funny, just pathetic...GOOD LORD, I sound like an old fart...but, trust me it was bad!

MBM just arrived home from the NY marathon...he said it was the most exciting because the streets were lined with people cheering for most of the course. I wished I could have gone with him. Next time and there will be a next time! We are all a little wiped out from the busy weekend and the time change. I wish I could sit in front of the tv tonight..but, I am getting ready to fire up the monogramming and sewing machine!

Go check out my new friend's website!


Kerry said...

I am loving those jeans!

I can totally relate to the feeling like an old fart... I am feeling a bit old fartish myself these days...!

Congrats to your husband on the marathon!!

homedaisy said...

so cute! and i would feel the same way about the italian place. but you do know hokie is a positive word, right? :)