Friday, November 2, 2007

The Weekend Ahead!

I have been sewing just about every waking minute for the past three days. I think, I have made roughly 20 bags. Tomorrow, I have a trunk show at a Fall Art Festival. I never know what will sell. Along with the bags I also make belts, headbands, burpies, binkee bungees, diaper and wipe cases, etc...So tonight, I have to tag it, log it, and pack it all up in my car. The girls have friends over until soon as they go home I am uncorking a bottle of wine and getting my stuff organized. But, only one glass as I have to set up between 6:30-7:00 AM!A....M...! I'll be sure to make it a BIG glass. So, tomorrow I have the trunk show...MBM will take the girls to lacrosse and soccer...Saturday afternoon MBM goes to NYC for the marathon on Sunday...Saturday night I will be going to dinner with some girl friends to celebrate a BIG birthday...Sunday MBM will be running, running, running in the NY Marathon and I will accompany Emma to a birthday party! Then Monday...we start all over again! Have a GREAT weekend!

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