Thursday, April 24, 2008

Interview, Part Two

Well, I'm back from my second interview. It went well, but, for some reason I am feeling nervous, now! AFTER the interview! I have issues.

Anyway, here is the job description:

Our talented In-Home Consultants work with customers who have larger labor project demands or greater design needs. Working both at the store and in the home of customers, our In-Home Consultants use their creative talents to guide customers in the selection of fabrics and custom treatments to help customers create the rooms of their dreams. We seek individuals with strong fabric knowledge, custom labor experience, proven sales ability and excellent time management and organizational skills. After completing our extensive in-house training, our In-Home Consultants have all the resources they need to build a meaningful and rewarding career.

I feel very confident that I would be good and would LOVE it! I think, I am nervous because there is another candidate (maybe even more than one)and I will be disappointed if I don't get it AND I am also nervous that I WILL get the position. Again, I have issues!

There were two people conducting this interview. We had a very nice chat, then lots of questions and then a few role playing exercises...UGH!!! They set up the scenario and played the client and I was the designer. I have no idea how I did but, I smiled the whole time so hopefully that will count for something!

It was fun to get all dressed up, again...I am sure the girls at Starbucks thought I had a real job. MBM was my fashion consultant last night. After several options from the A-Line Skirt Capitol of the World, also known as my closet, it was decided that I would sport a pear green skirt, crisp white shirt, these shoes, with a chunky green bead necklace, and I carried the bag below, which, I made this morning!

The next step, if I should move along to the next step, is another interview. I asked when they were hoping to make a final decision...they said will see!

On the way home I decided to do some shopping, as the girls refuse to stop growing!


Libby said...

You made the bag just this morning, my goodness you are too talented! I, for one, can't see how the job could be given to anyone but you!

Kerry said...

That outfit was perfect - it showed that you can pull it all together and that your attention for detail is creative! The shoes and the bag (that you made that morning - I hope you told them that) made that outfit! Seriously you would be perfect for that job!

Ladybug's Picnic said...

Wishing you the BEST of luck - I tried to comment last night but blogger ate it!

The shoes? Are KILLER! What a tease, though - not available at Nordstrom anymore. So sad!

The 5 Bickies said...

Based on your outfit and the fact that you can make a purse in a morning you should have this job.

I hope you get what you decide you want! Keep us posted!

Beth G. said...

Good luck! Sounds like things are going great-don't worry too much it will all work out:) Keep us posted.

sas said...

I am anxious to hear how things go! It sounds like a job you would be FABULOUS at!

Preppy Pugs said...

I love the fabric choices you make for your bags. I'm not sure if you can reveal where you shop for fabric, but I'd love to know. I've been going to Jo-Ann Fabrics & they don't always have modern fabric to choose from.