Monday, April 28, 2008


If you have been reading the past few weeks you know that our weekends have been all about lacrosse...this weekend was no different! The girls had a game Saturday and Sunday, both games we had to travel. Saturday wasn't too bad. Sunday was a haul! Both days cold and damp, finally, I have figured it out to pack efficiently for the weather...winter coats, blankets, coffee, snacks and activities for Lulu!
The girls won on Saturday...10-1, I was glad the other team at least scored. We had a big crowd for the game that day, both sets of grandparents, Granny(my grandmother), Uncle French Fry(MBM's brother), Aunt Patti and Uncle Buzz(MBM's aunt and uncle)...quite a cheering section!
Sunday we lost. Not sure of the final score, the team we played was VERY serious....TOO serious for my liking! We spend a lot of time cheering the girls on and laughing, because they are girls from 1st to 4th grade, there is A LOT to laugh about! Our coach is a dad of on of the girls on our team...he is great! Very mild, encouraging, not concerned with the score of the game, focusing on the girls learning the game. Which is EXACTLY what the league is about at this age.
The other team had two coaches...their coaching style VERY different than our coach and any other coach we have experience this season. I think they went to the Bobby Knight Coaching School of SCREAMING and Intimidation tactics!

Our girls were paralyzed by the yelling. It was unbelievable...if that were my husband I would be mortified!!!! Anyway, our girls held their own and eventually tuned the screamers out. I was felt myself getting so angry...they are 7,8,9,10 year old girls learning the game!
Our team in the pink with their matching hair ribbons(courtesy of Emma)...they look so cute playing how can anybody holler at them?
I figure we will see these guys on the Today show someday defending themselves for their ridiculous behavior!
Okay, that is enough about lacrosse.

This weekend we also...went out for pizza and outlet shopping on Friday night...MBM and I went to a fundraiser on Saturday night...cleaned out the girls closest...Lulu has a RIDICULOUS amount of summer clothes...she didn't need a stitch when we went shopping!

On deck for this week...a lot of sewing and preparing for my BIG EVENT next week, and preparing for Emma's First Communion. And I am not going to think about "the job", well at least try not to!


Meg said...

I just read your previous post about the job. I, too, think that you would be PERFECT for it. I wish you could have worked into the conversation with the interview people that you had just made your bag! in the a.m.! all while getting your 3 sweet girls settled and off to their day! You have much to be proud of.

Now, onto the weekend. Loved hearing about the girls' games. Too bad about that terrible coaching. I think it's so much more common than we know. Hope you don't have to hear that/see it again any time soon. Good to know that your girls just enjoy the sport for what it is and that they get positive direction from their coach.

Good luck this week. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you!

lisagh said...

Love their pink tie-dyed uniforms. So cute!

Anonymous said...

Loved the post about the screaming coach; how cool your girls' didn't lose their composure. We're crossing our fingers and our toes on the job!

Anonymous said...
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