Monday, April 14, 2008

Our Weekend

Most of our weekend was spent on a lacrosse field in some for or fashion. I took a million pictures, but, somehow my parents drove away with my, I won't be sharing pictures anytime soon! The girls won their game 12-8 on Saturday...WOOHOO. Caroline score a goal and Emma had an assist. Emma also ran toward the wrong goal, which had us in stitches on the sidelines. Sunday we had a full day of lacrosse events here! The girls started with a lacrosse clinic...then our team tailgated before going to cheer on the Blue Hens. Our girls were so excited, as they attend the Blue Hen lacrosse camp during the summer and LOVE their coaches, which are UD players. Emma and I were on our way to the bathroom when the UD team was headed into the stadium. One of the "coaches" saw her and came out of line to give Emma hug and chat with sweet! You would have thought Emma had just met Hannah Montana, she was so excited and of course rubbed it in her sister's nose! Let's see what else did we do this weekend? Oh, yes...our house guest! Our ten month old niece, Lilli spent the weekend with us. She is the sweetest little thing, so easy, and just loved watching her cousins. I was EXHAUSTED...EXHAUSTED! I have forgotten how to change a baby, bathe a baby, dress a baby, pack a diaper bag. Let's just say I am out of practice and went to bed at 8:15 on Saturday night to recover! We have a crazy busy week ahead of us! I can't wait for school to be over! Anyone else sick of homework, projects, and packing lunches?


Wila said...

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Happy Monday!

The 5 Bickies said...

I'm with you...Summer can't come fast enough. I am so sick of homework and lacking inspiration for packing lunches.

I love that you had your niece for a sleepover and that she wore you out! We forget how busy it is! Hubby and I just commented that this is our first year of doing yardwork without having all eyes on our youngest at the same time.

tulipmom said...

Love your new header photo.

Yes, you DO forget .... how tiring it is and how you must be "on" every single minute .... but you also forget how wonderful it is :)

Cindy said...

My daughter played lacrosse at her summer camp last year and loved it. But when she was first told that would be one of her activities she thought that it was a dance: The Lacross. she gave the most hilarious demonstration of what she thought it might look like (jumping up and down, crossing and uncrossing legs--you can imagine). How lucky that your girls get to play all year round. We don't have many opportunities in CA.

patty said...

I came across your blog looking for preppy inspiration. I am a vendor at all the major club lacrosse tournaments. I sell "preppy style" items, some from my website, I think you should look into tournaments in your area and see if you can set up a booth. the girls would love your stuff. (it sounds like you are at a lot of lacrosse games anyway! I love being a vendor in the very preppy culture of lacrosse. Check it out!