Thursday, September 18, 2008

What's for dinner tonight...

...the country's hardest reservation according to this article. We made the our reservation on January 2, 2008! Talula's Table is about 10 minutes from your house...we invited some good friends to join us as your reservation is for the "table" that seats twelve. I'll let you know how it is tomorrow!


J said...

Funny you should post this, I just read about it last night in an article about tiny restaurants in the September issue of Food & Wine magazine. I look forward to hearing your review!

Caroline Duke said...

It is an amazing place! One of my good family friends is a co-owner and pastry chef so my family is in there all of the time. You will have a great time at dinner!

Belle in Bloom said...

Hope you had fun! Can't wait to hear all about it!
Have a great weekend!

Jim and Michelle said...

Hi there,
Do you have any fall bags that you are selling? I didn't see any on your etsy site. With everything else on your plate - work, family, etc., not sure if you put the fall bags on hold.

If you've got any done, I'd love to see pictures. I still want to order one of your fabulous bags!