Monday, March 5, 2007

Calling all moms!

Caroline, our oldest daughter has been invited to a slumber party. She just turned it too young? She has been invited to others but, we were able to dodge them, for one reason or another. This one is hard to avoid. The birthday girl has been in her class for a few years, I know her parents fairly well, and she really wants to go! To make matters worse...I will be away on a girls weekend. What if she gets homesick and wants to home in the middle of the night and my husband has to wake the other girls up to go get her? Am I over reacting? Is it time to cut the cord? Help!


Kerry said...

I think she's old enough - my daughter just went to her first (she's 7) the other week. Make sure she has a cool cute sleeping bag for her first party!

hqm said...

Thanks, Kerry!
We decided to let her go...she is thrilled! She packed her bag last night and has the cutest sleeping bag with her monogram, of course! We are going to make her a new pillowcase tonight!

Holly said...

Oh, this one is so hard. My 4 year old is always asking to stay the night with his cousins. I think he's way too young, so I usually find excuses for him to stay home. One night, we did let him go. I couldn't stand it. I was up all night, just could not sleep. I like to have all my chicks in my nest! Funny thing, at 3 am he woke up from a weird random nose bleed, which scared him so he called home. I was SO happy to go get him and bring him home! After that, I slept like a baby! LOL I'm ridiculous, I know. The first step is admitting you have a problem!