Friday, March 9, 2007


I made these pj's this afternoon. They are a birthday gift for an eight year old girl. Turned out cuter than I thought. I am not crazy about the dalmatian daughter's words were"perfecto!"...her friend loves dalmatians!

Speaking of pajamas...I am headed out at 4:30 for a girls weekend at the shore....hooray!

It will be cold and windy but, I am sure we will get in our share of shopping, eating, drinking, talking and laughing! Hopefully, spending most of our time in our Pajamas!


suburban prep said...

little girls like cute things and these are perfect for a little girl.

melissa c said...

Soooo cute!! Hope you have a great weekend with the girls - lucky you!! (wish I was there) :)


Kerry said...

oh so cute! thanks for sharing!

MMM said...

Those are really cute!