Monday, March 26, 2007

What Weekend?

Busy here this weekend! I spent most of Saturday afternoon and evening shuttling C and E to and from birthday parties and playdates. We had MBM's younger brother out for the weekend to help with our Spring clean up outside. Ryan, aka Uncle French Fry, is a landscaper and we benefit from his talent. They did a lot on Saturday...cleaned out most of the beds, planted 2 trees, 4 bushes, dug 2 drainage trenches, etc...Ryan is meticulous, we have to beg him to take a break. I was in charge of the planting the pansies...

C and E were on the party circuit...cute party idea... a mystery party! The invitation was printed backwards, so it needed to be read in the mirror. And the big mystery at the party was the missing pinata. They had clues, puzzles, and games that lead them to the pinata...very fun! E then had a "nighttime" playdate...pajamas, movie, popcorn, etc... Lulu played outside all day. Needless to say they were TIRED!!!!

Sunday...I had a baby shower for two of our preschool teachers, which was lovely. Then we had a friend of MBM's and his family over for dinner, which was also lovely. We wrapped up our weekend festivities around 8:30 last night!

What is in store for this week...sewing, painting, and a trip to the outlets! I don't know how it happened but, I am not scheduled to volunteer anywhere this week! It is like a mini vacation!


Libby said...

Wow, busy weekend! I love the idea of a mystery party, what fun!

Head Hen said...

What fun! I'm glad you get a little respite from running about THIS week, though.

I do need more info on the potty training when you get a moment--specifically on what are *old fashioned training pants* (I'm thinking they are kiddy underpants).