Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Work Shmurk...

I totally blew off working today to play outside! Finally, a spring day had arrived and the thought of being cooped up in my windowless studio was dreadful. MBM and I dropped Lulu at school, went for a run in the State Park near our home and then back home. MBM went straight to his dedicated! I on the other hand, poured a cup of coffee, opened every window in the house, sat on the porch and read the new Country Home! After I picked Lulu up we ate lunch outside and didn't come back in until nearly 5:00...I couldn't wait to start "digging in the dirt" as my husband says. Cleaned out some flower beds and prepped all the pots and baskets. We have a few weeks before it is safe to plant annuals but, I will be ready! I do buy pansies on St. Patrick's Day, my Granny always did and so do I! MBM is at class tonight, the girls are in bed, lunches made, outfits picked out for tomorrow, a load in the washer and dryer, dishwasher set to go, I am in my pajamas and I closed all the window I opened my work day starts 8:48pm!

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