Sunday, April 8, 2007

Happy Easter!

We are dropping like flies! Some type of flu has hit the house hard. It started yesterday with MBM. Fever, coughing, sneezing, aches...He was so nice to share it with me that today I could hardly move. I muddled through brunch and had to bail on the Easter Egg Hunt. By 3:00 this afternoon, Caroline had a fever and the chills. Poor thing, I know exactly how she feels.
We were supposed to head home tonight, but nobody could handle two hours in the car!

I didn't even get a chance to take a picture of the girls and they looked so sweet in their dresses. Of course they had to wear winter coats over their dresses.

I let the girls loose with the camera last night here are some of her pictures!

Today, I am grateful for Alka-Seltzer Cold Medicine!


Libby said...

Oh my gosh, you poor things, I hope you're all feeling better soon!

(Looks like they had great fun with the camera!)

Monogram Momma said...

HOpe you feel better! I didn't get pictures of my little guys in their cute Easter outfits either. :-(

tulipmom said...

Sending you get well wishes. We've had the flu up to our eyeballs here, and it has NOT been fun.

melissa c said...

Hope you are all feeling better! Cute photos :)