Monday, April 2, 2007

Let's Paint!

Well, we painted this weekend! Then we painted and then after that we painted! The beach house is just about ready for our summer renters. MBM and I enlisted his sister, brother-in-law(B and B) and brother (Uncle French Fry) to help us get the house opened up! Luckily too, because we ran into plumbing issues that would have cost lots of $$$, if B and B hadn't been there to save the day! Although we worked all day Saturday we had a lot of fun, too! We don't get a chance to hang out all that often without the our kids and grandparents! Oh, I forgot to mention the most important part we painted!
I forgot to take'll just have to wait a little longer!

Today, the girls and I went to get our hair cut. Lulu and Caroline went with short bobs, love it!!!

Emma still holding out just got a trim! I was supposed to get color done but, there was an incident this weekend, my hair vs. paint! I lost! Anyway, I have to wash it with vinegar to try to get all the paint out! I ran errands all afternoon. Mainly for Easter Basket stuff! Picked up these dresses for the girls at Target!

The girls are on Spring Break this is what is in my MomAgenda for Tuesday!
... waxing, can't wait for that!...manis and pedis for the girls, by me of course...client in the afternoon, a bridal party... laundry....pack for the shore...pick up the house for cleaning lady on Wednesday...finish and ship/deliver a few orders... finish priming the pergola...order Caroline's First Communion invitations...

I better get to sleep or should I watch the train wreck that is on at 10, aka The Bachelor?

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