Friday, April 6, 2007

Spring Break?

More like Winter Break...the forecast here in Southern New Jersey is 2-3 inches of SNOW! Can you imagine? Snow on Easter? My husband and I got married the day after Christmas (1997) and I was 65 degrees and sunny! Snow on Easter is a problem for a girl who only packed opened toe shoes for church and brunch!

Well, all four generations are counted for..we are waiting for a few more family members to arrive tomorrow, my brother and his girlfriend included. My brother is a collegiate rowing coach and he has the Cherry Blossom Regatta in D.C. tomorrow. They will drive here right from the race. Good Luck St.Joe's!!!

MBM and I worked on our house today. I made a fun sign for the front porch (picture soon) and the girls dyed Easter eggs with their great aunts and great grandmother.

After everyone was settled/asleep, I got the urge to create some cheap "art work" for the beach house...I think these flip flops feel at home in the kitchen!

Today, I am grateful for concealer, as I walked into the bathroom door last night, cut my eye opened and today I have a shiner! I look as if I was in a barroom brawl! (No picture of that soon)

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