Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Who says you can't go home again?

Technically, this was never my home, but, when I arrive at my parents' beach house, I turn back into a little girl again. Sitting at the counter talking to my mom while she cooks, usually with a special snack she has prepared for me. So, the milk and cookies have changed to wine and cheese but, the feeling of comfort has not changed a bit. The girls and I arrived this afternoon, MBM met us here after a meeting at Princeton. We are here through Easter. The whole clan will be arriving over the next two days. Four generations... we will have a big dinner on Saturday night and out to brunch on Sunday. The in between time will be spent putting the finishing touches on at our beach house, the girls would like to go to the movies, big lacrosse day on Saturday, and I hope to squeeze in some shopping! I loved Libby's gratitude list last week and thought it would be fun to list something I was grateful for each day.... So, today I am grateful for my mom!


Libby said...

What a positively delightful week you've got on tap! And I think it says so much about your family that the first item your gratitude list is "Mom".

Melissa said...

I totally understand - there aren't too many days that go by that mom wouldn't be tops on my gratitude list. Sounds like a great weekend - I hope you enjoy it!