Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Three Things!

My first TAG...Thanks to Kerry! Three Thing That Scare Me: 1. Something happening to one of my girls! 2. Something happening to me before my girls are grown. 3. My children around water. Three People Who Make Me Laugh: 1. My brother. 2. MBM 3. Emma Three Things I Love: 1. The Beach 2. Fabric 3. Sewing Three Things I Hate: 1. When people take themselves too seriously. 2. Poor grammar. 3. Having to hem every pair of pants I buy. Three Things I Don't Understand: 1. Why people don't RSVP. 2. People who are afraid to be themselves. 3. Anything math related! Three Things On My Desk: 1. A HOT cup of coffee 2. My MomAgenda 3. Several custom bag orders, waiting to be filled. Three Things I'm Doing Right Now: 1. Making a grocery list 2. Watching Country Style on HGTV 3. Blogging Three Things I Want To Do Before I Die: 1. Give weddings to my girls! 2. Enjoy exercising. 3. Learn to surf. Three Things I Can Do: 1. Drive a stick shift! 2. Use power tools. 3. Participate in more than one conversation at one time. Three Things I Can't Do: 1. Cook 2. Accurately balance a checkbook. 3. Take a decent picture. Three Thing I Think You Should Listen To: 1. Yourself 2. Your mother 3. Your kids Three Things You Should Never Listen To: 1. Gossip 2. People who say,"You can't do that!" 3. Ladies on a "Witch hunt"...nasty! Three Things I Would Like To Learn: 1. To cook well. 2. To sail. 3. To dance with my husband without looking ridiculous. Three Favorite Foods: 1. Ice Cream 2. Peanut butter 3. Cheeseburgers Three Shows I Watched As A Kid: 1. Silver Spoons 2. The Facts of Life 3. The Love Boat Three Things I Regret: 1. Never living on my own. 2. The "Sienna Miller" haircut I tried last Spring. 3. My sixth grade school picture. And I am going to TAG...Suburban Momma...Workin' That Preppy...mcc! Today, I am grateful for all my new BLOG friends...this is fun and inspiring for me!


tulipmom said...

I too look forward to the day when exercise becomes fun. I'm impressed you know how to use power tools! Sweet Boy is more adept than me with a screw driver!

Libby said...

Okay, drive a stick shift AND use power tools? I am beyond impressed!