Friday, September 28, 2007


A little treat for all the moms out there...ENJOY! Happy Friday!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Bunko vs. Premier Night

What's a girl to do? First, I would like to go on record saying, "I would NEVER miss a night out with the "girls" for a t.v. show." But, this is quite the line up this evening...Ugly Betty vs. My name is Earl... Grey's Anatomy vs. The Office...ER(yes, I still watch ER) vs. Big Shots. I have shows being recorded all over the house. Something tells me our Bunko game will come to a halt around 9 o'clock! So this could actually workout...12 women gathered around a television, wine and good food! Why did I think this would be a problem? Hope everybody is enjoying all the Fall Premiers as much as I am!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Fabric Closet

I have been cleaning out my fabric closet...I have tons of fabric! Fabric for bags, fabric left over from home decor projects, leftover from costumes, fabric remnants I just could live without, fabric from projects I haven't gotten to yet...
Inspired to create something from a few very small pieces of is what I came up with!

These bags above have a beautiful blue quilted silk shantung. I loved this fabric when I bought it for the color and the quilting was done in squares...I love squares! I paired it with a brown and cream print. So far they have been a hit with the focus group, aka, my "go to" girls! Oh, and I have the quilted silk in pink, too!

And these, well, I am sure you recognize this plaid! I really like the how these turned out with just a hint of the plaid. Classic shape, classic fabrics...can't go wrong!

Most of my bag business is custom, so these were really fun for me to just sit and create, using forgotten fabric in a fresh way! I have some more in the works, too!

I am taking my show on the road, so to speak, this fall. Along with the custom handbags parties I will be doing a handful of trunk shows at Art Festivals, Holiday Shoppes, etc...

We will see how they work out...I have been having a lot of fun preparing. My next task is to create my space/booth/tent!!! I will be recruiting the "focus group" for help!

In other news...

...I had Caroline and Emma at the eye doctor today! Both need glasses...of course! They chose the cutest glasses...I'll be sure to post a picture when their glasses are in!

...Lulu has a fever! whole body aches from my session with the personal trainer yesterday.

...I volunteered, again! I don't know what is wrong with me, I just can't help myself!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Coffee Talk

Every September, I host a Back to School Coffee for the moms at Lulu's preschool. There are about 80 families at the preschool and usually I can count on 20-25 mothers to come for some coffee and carbs. I started this 6 or so years ago when Caroline started her second year at the preschool. When we moved here, I didn't no anyone...I had NO friends outside my neighborhood. Then one day I ran into a preschool mom and her son at a local cafe, we were chatting in line, then two more preschool moms came in. We sat outside with our coffee and bagels, talking for the two hours our kids were at school. We learned we were all in the same to the area and NO FRIENDS! So, the Back to School Coffee was born!

Last Wednesday, I hosted my final coffee as Lulu will go off to Kindergarten next year! As usual, it was a success. Lots of "newbies"meeting and setting up playdates!!!
I love that a little coffee and some yummy treats help you make new friends! And I really hope someone will pick up the tradition next year!!!!!

Personal Tranier = New Shoes

Yesterday, I met with a personal trainer at our gym. With our membership you get four free sessions. So excited... to get started! Currently, I have been sticking to classes such as, Spinning, Body Pump, yoga, Mat Pilates, and I use the Elliptical quite a bit, too! I need guidance around the gym and help to use my time efficiently. The first session is an "information" session...set goals, weigh in, take measurements, heart rate, blood pressure, treadmill test, body fat get the idea...not fun, when you see all those numbers at one time. My number one goal is to lose weight...10 lbs. would be good, but, 15lbs is ideal! Some of my other goals include, more energy and to strengthen my core because currently, my core is a pit. So after all the information is gathered and assessed, my trainer lays out a plan to lose 1lb a week. I can consume 1800 calories a day, which is more than I normally eat...but, I have to burn 2400 a day!!!!!!!!! How is that possible? Needless to say, I was a bit deflated when I left to gym. MBM picked me up by researching how many calories you can burn in daily activities, laundry, sewing, walking the dog, and other activity he wishes to be daily! So, on top of working out, it is possible, I think? I'll keep you posted! Last night, I met my college roommates here for shopping and dinner! I came home with these in black patent, these in chocolate, and these! I feel all better!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

A Wedding and a Christening

I am happy to report that my reading at the wedding went well. I wasn't even maybe I am growing up? But, as promised I turned back in to a child the minute I arrived at the cocktail hour! Yikes!
(My niece Quin...flower girl)

(The bride and groom entered the ballroom ready to start the party!)

(My cousin and I...not a pretty picture of me!)

Great wedding.. a lot of dancing and way too much drinking! Thank goodness I had a day to recover before I stepped in to the role of Godmother today!

(B and B and Baby Lilli)

(MBM, the Godfather, and Lilli)

Back to normal, gymnastics, ballet, food shopping, the gym, laundry, fun, fun, fun!!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Back to Work

I have been spending more time in my studio...more productive time! These bags, I made custom for my cousins fiance, as little gifts for her attendants. I really do not like putting zippers in bags, but, I found a great tutorial, that made all the difference!

The wedding is Friday. The rehearsal dinner is tomorrow night. I am doing a reading at the ceremony. I REALLY do not care for reading in front of a crowd, the thought of walk up to the alter in heels, and speaking into a microphone...brings back memories of all my years in Catholic school...shutter...childish, I know!
I was so touched that they asked me to be included in their ceremony, how could I not? So, I am hoping to act like a grown up for the ceremony. Then right back to behaving like a child when I get to the cocktail hour!!!!!!!
Tomorrow is Lulu's first day back to school...finally! Not that I am in a hurry to get rid of just makes me crazy that her school starts so much later. She is very excited! To celebrate her first day back we are meeting a bunch of friends for a picnic in the park! That part is a surprise!

Sunday, September 9, 2007


First weekend without sand between my toes was replaced with lacrosse, soccer, a bonfire, and a birthday party!

But, the highlight of our weekend was babysitting Lilli overnight! She is nearly twelve weeks old and such a good baby.

Our house was taken over by swings, strollers, a pack 'n play, bottles, and diapers! We had so much fun with Lilli. Emma was so helpful, she fed her bottles, walked her around the house in the stroller, even helped with diapers! I can't wait to have her back!!!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

First Day of School

Everyone up early... in their new clothes, new shoes, new school bags, and huge SMILES!!!!

Walking to the bus stop! They were running, I had to ask them to slow down to get a picture...that's a good sign....running to the school bus!

See you at 3:45...
In the was back to Lulu and I, partners in crime! We headed over to a neighbor's for coffee and carbs and then off to our annual "WooHoo, BooHoo" back to school celebration. WooHoo for hooray the kids are back in school and BooHoo for those sending little ones for the first time! We didn't have many BooHooers this year!
I am VERY happy to report that everyone had a great first day of school. Emma stared 2nd Grade. I love her teacher!!!! She was Caroline's teacher last year and I think it will be a PERFECT fit for our Emmie. She was happy to be reunited with her friends and made a few new friends, too!!!
Caroline started at a new school (the intermediate school 3-6)...she was nervous about finding her way to her "Pod" but was assisted by one of our neighborhood girls. WHEW!!! When the kids start at the intermediate school they are all mixed up again into new pods. She was excited to find some old friends in her pod and her very best friend is in her fluke...THANK THE GOOD LORD got small favors! Caroline's teacher is young and energetic!
I think we are in for a good year!

Monday, September 3, 2007

So Long Summer!

So sad! This is the first summer in a long time that I am not ready for for the summer to end. We spent every second we could on the beach this weekend with our friends and families enjoying the sand, ocean, and ice cream!

Our beach friends!

Emma...beach bum!

The most popular guy on the beach...the ice cream man...
a.k.a. The Fudgy Wudgy Guy!

Lulu playing!

Aunt B and Lulu!

Caroline playing!

We also had our Annual Fish fish anymore...we just order a bunch of pizza! Pizza, drinks and let the kids play! Great way to end the summer!

Tomorrow...SCHOOL! The big girls are all ready. Outfits picked out, school bags stocked with supplies, and lunches packed! The bus will be here in less than 12 hours! HOORAY!!!!!