Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Mall

Last night, after work, since no one is home, I decide it would be a good night to go to the mall. I had a short list of things I needed to get then, I had thoughts of leisurely browsing through Nordstrom, J. Crew, and Lilly Pulitzer, having sushi for dinner, sipping on a decaf latte as I shopped...... This is what I need to accomplish... Mall #1...The Court *return shoes *pick up little Vera Bradley ID pouch for Emma in Mall #1 Mall #2...The Plaza *get new Crocs for the girls in Nordstrom *to Lilly and try on and possibly purchase a dress from the fall catalog that I covet and can wear a minimum of twice this fall(not online yet, but trust me, it is to die for) *find the perfect not to high, not to pointy black pump *use the J. Crew gift card I have been carrying around all summer This is how my night actually went... The mall was mobbed...I mean MOBBED!!! Couldn't find a parking spot between the malls, so I had to search for a parking spot, not once, but twice. I thought, "this is the afternoon crowd, it should be thinning out soon"....WRONG! The Court... *Nine West to return a pair of shoes. Of course I was passed the 30 day return policy so store credit was my only option. No problem, I get black pumps...WRONG!!!! Nothing, I could find anything! *Crabtree and Evelyn to get Emma's Vera Bradley thingy...every pattern except the one she wants...Strike Two The Plaza... *Nordstrom for Crocs. The kids shoe department looked like a scene out of a movie. Kids running everywhere, kids crying, Dads looking at their watches, Moms totally stressed out. Get my Crocs and proceed to pay for them when they tell my I need to "take a number", "Can I have your last name and the first available associate will be right with you?" But, I didn't need an associate to wait on me, find sizes, etc...I plucked what I needed off the wall and just wanted to pay. "I'm sorry, MAME, we take customers in the order in which they arrive, you have 12 families ahead of you." The MAME really did me in, I ditched the Crocs and went to the "other side/not so pretty side of the mall" to the Crocs kiosk. Again, find what I need go to pay and their computers are down...after a few minutes, I suggested they try inputting the information manually. Manually? For The Love Of God!!!!! *Make it up to Lilly, the only store not dress, that's ok, I should really wait anyway! *go to J.Crew, aaahhh! NO, the store looked as if Gustav had stopped by and it was so crowded. I drooled over some shoes and blazers. I did find a few things for work. *Stopped in the Bare Essential store...the gal that helped me was supper sweet, very helpful and didn't call me MAME! I bought it! *And lastly, I discovered the perfect pair of black pumps do not exist! Some annoying observations from my mall trip last night... Using a coffee stirrer as a straw to drink coffee is wrong. Coffee is meant to be gingerly sipped, not sucked up through a straw. If I was approached by one more person wanting to straighten my hair, squeeze lotion in my hand, or put some sort of bean bag thing on my shoulders I was going to SCREAM! Tweens dressed as if they should be "working" walking around with their parent who apparently think their child is appropriatly dressed and wearing heels she can't walk in. Lesson learned...don't go to the mall on a Saturday night!

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Well, the gang just left for the last weekend at the shore. We have had a big week here...the girls met their new teachers today. Lulu will be starting Kindergarten, boohoo, this year. We had a bit of an ordeal with the teacher she was assigned. Emma had this teacher for Kindergarten, let's just say, she needs to retire. We thought it would be next to impossible to have Lulu reassigned, but MBM handled all the phone calls and the next thing I knew, we were sitting in the Principal's office, getting a bit of a lecture, but in the end Lulu will have a GREAT teacher. Emma has Caroline's teacher from last year and Caroline has an adorable shoe loving teacher. So all is good! School starts Tuesday! Work has been great. I went on my first solo appointment on Tuesday, it couldn't have gone better! Except for the flat tire I got on the way back. I am currently part time and it is working out great. They are pushing me for full time and I am having difficulty with I want the girls to come home to a sitter everyday? will I miss all their school events? How will it effect our household?The questions go on and on!!!! Any suggestions out there from working moms?

Friday, August 22, 2008


SO, I am craving some normalcy in my life. I would like my children and husband back home with me. I was so afraid going to work outside the house was going to be a BIG adjustment for the girls and MBM...really, I think it has been hardest on me. I am so ready for school to start and everything that goes with it, homework, projects, volunteering, after school activities. I am certain in a month or so I will be eating these words! This week, I went on a business trip, to the D.C. area. I had a roommate, which I was a bit nervous about, but she was darling and young, I felt a bit of a geriatric. I will be heading back down to the Capitol District again in the next week or so to Lutherville, MD? There are some exciting things ahppening at work...stay tuned! One last thing...My fellow blogger, MCC, is running a special on her Etsy Stationary Store...go check it out! She is also having a give away on her blog...don't miss it!

Friday, August 15, 2008

The Article

Here is the article, it ran today in the Philadelphia Inquire...pretty funny! Click her to read! Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Day Off

I had the day off today. Tomorrow and Thursday I work, MBM is away so I had to ship the girls to the shore with my parents. While, I have been enjoying time alone at home, I am starting to get lonely. The girls will be at the shore for the next ten days. MBM will join them on Thursday and I will join them on Saturday. MBM will be leaving for a meeting on Sunday afternoon and I will be going from the shore to Fairfax, Va for work for a few days...the girls will stay at the shore. Are you with me? Because, I have to be honest it has been a crazy summer trying to organize and keep track of schedules. I can't believe I am going to say it, but, I am looking forward to school starting and having our family back under one roof. So, I spent my day in my studio cleaning out/organizing and now I am moving to the rest of the basement and playroom. My neighbor is having a garage sale on this weekend to benefit the pediatric cancer trunk is filled with all sorts of stuff to add to the sale...LOVE TO CLEAN OUT!!!! One more thing....Homedaisy if you are checking in...I miss your blog!

Monday, August 11, 2008


Do you use a mineral make up? I have been using Bobbi Brown forever. I love Bobbi Brown but, one of my friends started to use Bare Minerals and she looks fantastic. What is your opinion? Will it work for a fair skin freckle faced girl?

Thursday, August 7, 2008

I am in love!

Have you seen these yet? Just this evening on my way home from work I was thinking I am going to need a large tote for samples and such when I am visiting client homes. A boat tote would function perfectly, but a bit casual. Then after dinner, I was sorting through the mail and saw these...PERFECT!!!! But which color? and goes with everything. Pink...hello, pink! Orange...perfect punch of color for the fall. favorite color. Then just to make the deciding harder...look at these!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Flying by...

The summer that is flying by! I can't believe it is August already, less then a month and the girls will be back in school and Lulu off to Kindergarten...BooHoo. I think working will be a good distraction...I have been dreading this for the past few years. We have already done some back to school shopping. We have had a lot going on here, as usual. I was interview by the Philadelphia Inquire last week and photographed today. The article, which is a story on second hand furniture, will run this Friday. I found it quite strange having my home photographed and not to mention being photographed myself. Work has been great. I went on an appointment today to do window treatments for a bedroom, study, kitchen, and family room...A LOT OF FUN!!!!! I a reading this for book good, sad, terrifying, I can hardly put it down.