Sunday, July 27, 2008

Gone Fishing

Heading to the shore right from work for a few days of mid week R and R! Be back soon!

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Well, after much consideration what to do with myself and my alone time, I decided to stay home and spend some time in my studio. I should have been cleaning and organizing the studio...instead I made this.

I have a few more similar bags underconstruction.
I also added the last bit of summer stock on Etsy and marked everything down, too!

Made a light summer dinner for MBM and I who arrived home from the city shorty before eight. Talked with Caroline for a few minutes, talked to MBM, and headed up stairs by 8:45 with my book tucked under my arm!

Not a bad day at all!

Road Trip

Caroline left today with her friend for a mini vacation. They went to an amusement park and will be seeing a concert while they are there. It was supposed to be an overnight trip but, turned into two nights.
This is HUGE for me...It wasn't that long ago that I was on the fence about a sleepover just a few miles from our house. I know this family well, Ann (the mom), is always teasing me about my sleepover issues. Caroline woke me up at 5:15am this morning because she was feeling "a little nervous" As you can see by the picture the nerves were gone and excitement set in! I know she is in good hands and will have a blast, but I miss her already and can't wait until she returns on Saturday.

Emma and Lila are at the shore with my parents and MBM is in, I am home alone, again. What am I going to do today? Yesterday, Caroline and I went shopping (food and fun), the house is clean, the laundry is finished, I ran already today (2 miles...thank you very much)...I just don't know what to do?

I'll let you know what I come up with!

Friday, July 18, 2008


This is my boyfriend, from the shore, he will be three soon. I think he is the cutest little boy in the whole wide world. He is surrounded by girls at the shore. On any given day on the beach there are a dozen girls and Charlie. Not one sandcastle survives if Charlie is around...they girls don't find him as cute as I do!

MBM sent me this picture from the beach today...made me laugh. I hope it makes you smile, too!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Home Alone!

I have the house to myself for the next few days...I have to work but, that's ok. I'll come home after work to the house neat and clean...exactly the way I left it. It's the little things that make me happy. I am going to "work" on Emma's room while they are at the shore. We were going strong there for a while and then just petered out after the paint and curtains. I have a few things up my sleeve. Tonight, however I will be watching the encore presentation of the Project Runway premiere because somehow I missed it last night! I also have been getting back in the studio a bit more...right now it looks like Christmas in July...wink wink...finally!!!!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Chair Makeover

I found this chair, years ago, when Caroline was an infant, on the side of the road waiting for the trash truck to pick it up. So sad...this little chair needed a new home and a little tlc. So nine years later I pulled it out of storage to give it the tlc it has been craving!

A fresh coat of white paint...actually several coats of primer and paint!

A new seat with fresh plump foam and a lush lavender velvet cover.

The finishing touch a monogram on the back and a tassel really complete the look!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

In My Dreams

While MBM and I were at the shore and the kids were occupied with my in-laws, we went on a little excursion. Sometime in the next few years we would like to tear down our old beach house and build the house we hope to have forever. We both have lots of idea...I have been keeping a binder full of ideas for years.

Things I see in magazines and catalogs get torn out, labeled, slipped into a plastic sleeve, and filed into the binder. I also keep an "beach house" file on my computer for ideas I find online. Once we get underway, I am pretty sure I will be an architect's worst nightmare.

Anyway, off we went armed with my camera. Here are a few that we love!

This place is a monstrosity...ours would be done in miniature. We loved everything about this house except the red roof.

This is a more practical size, probably still too big for our lot. This is MBM's favorite!

I am a door snob...I have seen a lot of gorgeous houses with UGLY front doors!
This in right up my alley!

This is my favorite! The picture is HORRIBLE and does the house no justice!
I love the color, the brick, the porches, the real shutters with hinges and hold it!!!

Here it is from the back/side, we had to go around the corner to get a better look. Just look at those shutters and porches!!!!!!!
We thought about buying the bikes for sale out front just to get a closer look and perhaps ask to use the restroom to get inside! But, we wimped out!


Wednesday, July 9, 2008


My sister-in-law took these pictures of my girls over the weekend. She is a trying to get a little business off the ground to supplement her teacher's salary. Take a look!

Thursday, July 3, 2008


I arrived at the shore yesterday late afternoon. My toes will be in the sand within the hour.