Friday, November 28, 2008

Meet Alec

Alec was the secret that I was ready to BURST out with. He arrived on November 26 and is PERFECT! My sister-in-law flew out to Southern California on Monday and was in the delivery room with the birth mom. My BIL arrived yesterday. Now they are chilling with their baby boy in a Marriott until they are cleared to bring that baby boy home to meet his big sister and the rest of our crazy family!!!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Secret Service

So, today at work the most fun thing happened! I have to work an occasional Saturday on the sales floor, it's fun and I don't mind it because it gives me the opportunity to meet more perspective clients. Anyway, this morning, the store had a few people in and I was working at the front desk on the computer, this gentleman came in, I said good morning, he walked through the whole store (we get a lot of husbands looking for their wives), I asked if I could help him, he smiled and walked out. A few second later he was back following these two women around the store, looking like a bored husband. Again, I asked if he was finding everything ok, yada, yada, yada...he wasn't very friendly. Then, I noticed the ear piece and thought to myself what does this guy think he's in the Secret Service? I went about my business, helping the two ladies find fabric to reupholster two sofas and pillows...then helping a few other shoppers...I looked outside and saw two identical Suburbans parked out front each with several men inside. Then, I finally figured it out...This was the reupholstry lady! So, the unfriendly guy, WAS in the Secret Service! She couldn't have been more gracious. She asked my name and then said, "I'm Jill." we shook hands...I helped her carry a bolt out to one of the Suburbans, surrounded by Secret Service. I hope she comes back soon! So fun! It totally made my day!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Feel the Love

Can you feel it? Ahhh, sisters!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Day Off

Tuesdays are my official day off, from work, not life! I would like to have a restful day, maybe flutter around the house, read, make a nice dinner for the family. This is what my day was really like... 6:30 up with the girls 7:55 bus, Emma stayed home, orthodontist appt and doctor appt. 8:45 pick up Caroline for the orthodontist, yes, she was at school for 45 minutes, she didn't want to miss anything (NERD) 10:15 return Caroline to school 10:30 paint the trim on one window in the living room 11:15 pick up Lulu at the bus, head to Walmart, lunch in the car of course (prepared by Emma) see friend at Walmart, shop 12:30 Emma's doctor appointment, she has allergies, duh?, I've been telling them that! 1:15 Drag Emma and Lulu food shopping 2:30 Return home. Emma and Lulu offer to unload the car, so sweet! I head to my office to check email/blogs 2:45 Lulu tells me she accidentally dropped the milk and there is a puddle, clean up what the dog missed, head back to my office 3:00 Emma comes to tell me the dog "Kinda, got the meat." 3:20 Still sitting at my computer afraid to go up stairs! Wish me luck!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Full Plate

Burning the candle at both ends, full plate, crazy busy...whatever! I have just been running around like a nut...not knowing which way to go...I think things are going to slow down soon. I hope. Here is the low down... Girls. Same old...homework, sports, parties, and playdates! MBM. Busy with work and travel...he has been wearing lots of hats lately, picking up my slack. Work. I have been VERY busy, lots of appointments, nobody buying:( House. Totally torn apart, literally. We ripped out rugs in 3 rooms and the second floor hallway. I am painting and making new drapery for the Living, Dining, and MBM's office. There will also be some furniture refinishing. Extended family. Weddings, engagements, and I have a BIG FAT SECRET, that I cannot share for fear of jinxing it! Friends. I have not been a very good one of these lately...wonder if I have any friends left! Trying to get my act back soon! h.