Friday, April 24, 2009

Beautiful Day

It is just beautiful here in Pennsylvania today...MBM could not join me a the track for a run this morning(and he won't let me go alone), so, I decided to take my show on the road. We live in a growing rural community...narrow winding country roads and developments. A beautiful place to run. But with everything there are Pros and Cons... PRO... ...beautiful country side views along those country roads ...beautiful homes and gorgeous landscaping ...fresh country air ...feeling of safety ...neighbors, wave as you go by makes you feel good CON... ...road kill accompanied by voltures snacking (BTW they don't move when they see you coming) ...landscapers, between the mowing and staring, UGH! ...barn smells ...narrowly being run down by a mini van on the road and worse...knowing who it was! ...trash day, you learn a lot about your neighbors by what is in there recycling. I am not judging, just an observation! Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

On the Run

Well, I did it! I registered for my first EVER 5K. This is a HUGE deal for me...I always talk about it, but have never actually registered. May 17th is the big day...MBM is helping me prepare and has me on a training far so good. In other news, I have added two more clients! I picked up the fabric today for one and will be starting her projects...draperies for dining room, curtains for a sunroom/office, and curtains for her boys' bathroom. Here are her fabrics: Dining Room Sunroom/Office Boys' Bathroom All beautiful Ralph Lauren prints...she has very good taste! I am finishing up a big project I have at he shore. Pictures soon on this one!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

12 weeks

It took 12 weeks but, I FINALLY lost 10 lbs! I stayed the same weight for 4 weeks in a row. Clearly, I was not working super hard at following the program, but, I was relieved that I maintained and did not gain anything back...but, staying at 9lbs. for that long was a killer! According to Weight Watchers, I am in a healthy weight range for my height. WOOHOO! I would like to loose another 10...the eating is under control. It does take some planning and preparation...some where along the way, I realized I was worth the planning and prep. I deserved to take the time to make myself a salad for lunch, sit and enjoy it Instead of just slapping some peanut butter and jelly on bread on the fly. To get those other 10 off, I really need to kick things up a getting to the gym and now that the weather is getting nicer get out and run. I constructed a reward system when I started back in January for every 5 lbs lost ...10 lbs = beautiful bunch of flowers from my favorite flower shop. Which I will pick up on Monday, because I am headed to the shore tonight for the guessed work on the beach house. MBM will bring the girls tomorrow after, it will be my pup and I tonight and most of tomorrow painting and scrubbing...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Lacrosse season is in full swing...I just wish it would warm up already! The girls have had several games and participated in the annual UD Women's' Lacrosse Youth Day. Youth Day begins with a clinic run by a high school in the Baltimore area. Followed by a team tailgate before going to watch the UD Women's' game. Fun day for all! Tailgate in full swing! Part of our team in the stands Pictures from recent games

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Beach Bound

Not warm beach...New Jersey. Love it, none the less. We will be working on the beach house...Memorial Day is creeping up on us. We will also be doing some fun things too and spending time with the family. Happy Hoppy!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Spring Break

The girls are on Spring Break this week. I am looking forward to having a relaxing week split between home and the shore. Here is how it has gone so far... Friday...Lulu had a playdate here for the afternoon...pick up Caroline at school, b/c we were lucky enough to win (or lose) the chance to care for the class hermit crabs after Caroline to friends...pick up Emma and Caroline from friends houses at 9:00PM Saturday...early lacrosse game...lots of chores around the house. Sunday...all day lacrosse event at the University of Delaware. Lots of fun, but a very long day...Caroline and Emma have friends sleep over, poor planning on my part, they were soooo tired and grumpy. Monday...Friends leave around lunch...pouring rain and trapped in the house for the day...girls have lacrosse this evening (weather permitting)...I have client appointment and a million errands to run. Tuesday...plans with friends after lunch. Wednesday...lacrosse game in Maryland and then headed to the shore. Thursday...Friday...Saturday...working on the beach house. When, I am not occupied there will be cleaning laundry, packing, and lots and lots of sewing.... I live such a glamourous life!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


At 7:56PM, I will retreat to my bedroom with a bottle of wine to watch the series finale of ER. I have been a faithful view since it aired in 1994. I am so happy with how this last season has progressed...with the old cast returning, Oh, how I love Carter! And happy endings...Neela going to be with Ray...perfect! So I wonder what tonight will bring? Will you be tuning in? My husband claims I am the only one still watching...but, I know he is wrong. On Friday morning, my friend Mel and I will discuss in length the previous nights episode as we do most Fridays. What are we going to talk about next week?


Have you ever decided you needed to get your haircut immediatly? Well, I did this morning. Really, I just need a trim and my bangs cut. I got much more.... Which would be fine if this is how I spent my day! UGH!!!!!!