Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Look what showed up in our garden today! Isn't it beautiful? I love the petals, so delicate like crepe paper and they are a deep orange in color!

Tonight, was a parent meeting for all children in our district entering third grade in the fall. Caroline will leave her elementary school(K-2) and go to the intermediate school(3-6)...the school building is HUGE!!!! There are 1200 kids in the school divided into 4 "school houses". She will stay in the same school house her years there and siblings are places in the same school house. The school has 120 teachers and 80 support staff. Now the elementary school is set up the same way and is BIG as well and we have been REALLY happy so far! But, all the numbers and the size of the building overwhelmed me!! Caroline also had a tour of the school this morning. Her reaction...the library is HUGE and you can buy 2 snacks at lunch! I think she will be fine!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

What day is it?

All day long, I kept thinking it was Monday! Do you do that after a Holiday weekend? I spent the day as if it were Monday, cleaning up, laundry, organizing, etc... Most of my focus was in our bedroom. Lots of clothes, shoes, bags, books, stuff to put away. Striped the bed, washed all the bedding including the duvet cover. Dusted, vacuumed and I even washed the blinds and windows! Don't know what got into me. But, I am thinking about tackling another room tomorrow!
The big girls had tennis this afternoon. I had to step up from my assistant coach status to coach today, MBM assisted me, and Lulu was the ball girl!

On the way home, we spotted a hot air balloon. We watched it the whole ride home. I ran into the house, grabbed my camera and just got it before it floated behind the trees!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day at the Shore

We had so much fun...It was great to see our summer friends sit on the beach, catch up on all the happenings of the last 8 months, over Coronas and snacks. Now back to reality, 13 more days of school!

Lulu and Caroline on the little beach.

These are "Summer Toes"

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Beach Bound

As usual we are headed to the "Shore" for the weekend! Memorial Day marks the beginning of our weekend treks to and from the beach. This is possibly my favorite weekend of the year. Normally, I would be there already. I love to come into town a day or two before the rest of the "Weekend Warriors"...the town is quiet and empty. Friday, a steady stream of traffic pours into town and you can just feel the vibe of summer! This year our little family will be going in dribs and drabs! Lulu went yesterday, lucky girl, two days of Nana and Pop-Pop all to herself. MBM and the big girls are leaving this afternoon. They will be playing hookie from school tomorrow. I will leave first thing tomorrow morning, with Roosevelt. I have Bunko tonight...can't miss Bunko! First order of business when I arrive tomorrow...the girls get their summer toes. More on that later. Other than that the only thing we have planned is a family dinner on Saturday night and meet up with our friends later at our usual Saturday night spot....more on that later, too! That is what I love about the plans!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Look at all those freckles! Emma is my "stunt double" right down to the straight dark hair, chubby cheeks, short legs and freckles! I love HER freckles!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

New Powder Room

I did a quick "makeover" to our powder room. I was inspired by the fabric I used for the curtain.


Ruby red walls with black, white, and silver accents. The pictures don't do it justice..


Bright sunny yellow walls with blue and green accents. The curtain fabric was a remnant for $10, beautiful silk horizontal stripe, I lined it with a coordinating sage silk. The mirror was a curbside find. It has been in storage for a few years and I had totally forgotten about it. I did a first coat of green then mixed some white and off white for a second coat. Sanded it down...turned out better than I thought! The shelves over the potty are temporary until I find something bigger, but, for now they do the trick!

Monday, May 21, 2007

No Plans!

This week end was the first weekend in months that we didn't have one single thing on the calendar. Nothing, nada, nil! And we were thrilled!

Saturday morning we went to local preserve that winds in and out of Pennsylvania and Delaware.
MBM and the big girls went "mountain" biking.
Lulu and I took Roosevelt for a walk
and had a snack

It is a beautiful park. A large path follows the creek and there are tons of hiking paths.
Lulu wanted to wait in the car for the "bikers" to return...I think she just wanted to have Roosevelt trapped!
We spent the rest of Saturday and all of Sunday fluttering around the house and yard. Playing and doing a few chores here and there! I have been practicing with my focus, who knew?
This week I am focusing on getting all those "little"things around the house that need to be finished! We will see!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Good News!

My sister-in-law and her husband, Aunt B and Uncle B are going to be parents! They have been struggling with infertility for a few years. All the medication, shots, procedures, several IUIs, IVFs, and a lot of heart ache. They decided to adopt. Recently, were approved and contracted with an agency. Expecting a baby within two years. Well, last week, through a good friend, good fortune, and good timing they were contacted by a birth mom due in June. Completely unrelated to her agency. Aunt B and the birth mom have been talking on the phone and decided to meet yesterday. Of course, there are a lot of other details...but, Aunt B and Uncle B will be bring home a baby sometime in the next few weeks! MBM and I are so happy for them! We have not told our girls yet...but, I assure you they will be over the moon! Did I mention...the baby is a girl!!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Last week was so busy that this week I am trying to recover, reorganize, refocus!

MBM received his MBA on Monday night. It was a really nice ceremony then we went out for a celebratory drink and snacks. I am very proud of him. It was a very long two and a half years for him and we are glad to have him back! I took a ton of is blurrier than the next.


I love my new camera! And a friend of ours gave me a few tips to tide me over until I can take the classes! His best hit was auto focus...what a difference!


Tuesday, the pup went for a "procedure" and is recovering...I felt so bad for him! But, hear is a funny story about having a houseful of girls. We were all in MBM's office and I was explaining to him how we have to watch the affected area. Caroline thought I said infected. I explained the difference... affected area means the location. Naturally, she asked the locale of the stitches. I said, "Near his penis." In unison the girls said, "WHAT'S A PENIS?" My husband made a quick exit!

Oh, the lessons this dog is teaching us...all of us!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's Day/ First Communion

Happy Belated Mother's Day to all! We had a full day! Caroline made her First Communion and then the WHOLE family came to our house for Mother's Day/Communion celebration.
MBM gave me a really nice camera for Mother's Day...I love it! My brother took this picture for us...not the best pic and the wind was blowing, not goo for the girl with bangs!
Caroline looked so sweet! Her dress was perfect and we opted for the crown of flower rather than the veil. I didn't get a great picture of her yesterday. Would it be silly to get her all dressed again just for a picture! It would be good practice for me with the new camera!

Thursday, May 10, 2007


It has been CRAZY busy here the past few days!

We are preparing for Caroline's First communion on Mother's
Tennis started this week for the big girls and I am the assistant coach!
I had a Handbag "gig" this afternoon!
All this on top of the homework and activities!
You know how it goes...not enough hours in the day!

Lulu and I did take a few minutes on the porch this afternoon to blow bubbles!

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

The envelope....please!

Thank you for all of your sweet comments!
Lulu was gracious enough to pull the names for me!

...and the winners are Suburban Prep, Megan in Maine, and Lisagh!
Email me to start the designing!

I also wanted to extend a 10% discount to all you bloggers to the end of May!

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Happy Anniversary!

This week marks the Third Anniversary of

I am so blessed to have this little business and even more blessed to have clients that spread the word about me. I have never had to advertise or market. I just made a bag three years ago and then someone told someone, someone else told someone else, you get the idea! This has really been a gift, it just happened, and it is a lot of fun! I am not looking to be the next Kate Spade, I just love the process of designing, gathering the raw materials, and putting it together!

In celebration of my big anniversary I would like to give away three custom "little lulu" bags!One for each year! Throw your hat in the ring by commenting! I'll pull three names on Wednesday! And don't be afraid to spread the word!!!

Seven Things!

Meg over at My Little Cottage tagged me for Seven Things...Thanks, Meg! Here we go! 1. My feet have not grown since the eighth grade...still a size 5! I still have and wear the same snow boots I bought the day after Christmas when I was thirteen. 2. When I was pregnant with my oldest I could eat a red onion like an apple...yuck! 3. I am a "trash picker"... some of my favorite pieces in our house I plucked from the trash and refinished! 4. I can't stand having anything on the kitchen counters...clutter, mail, crumbs, appliances, etc...And I really can't stand when guest put stuff on my island. I have a strategy when entertaining, so people won't "unload" their stuff on my island! 5. My hands and feet are ALWAYS cold! Even in the summer. 6. Sometimes I take Lulu to school in my Pajamas...more like once a week! Thank God for car line! 7. I check my favorite blog several times a day! I am obsessed! Tag your it...Emily, Tres Posh Preppy, and Perfectly Pink!

Thursday, May 3, 2007

A Star is Born

Last night Caroline had a class play! The Lion and The Mouse. The theme of the night was PEACE. A few poems and songs and another second class performed The Ugly Duckling. The children were so precious and SERIOUS!!!

Caroline was THE MOUSE. This is her with her leading man the lion!
And taking their well deserved bow!

I was such the crazy mom, I am normally more laid back. I am supportive and proud, I would just rather stand back and watch. Well not last night. We arrived 25 minutes before the children needed to be there. We set up camp in the front row! Now in my defense...I am the homeroom mom and had to set up the refreshments so I needed to be early. Maybe just not THAT early!

I took 63 pictures and cried through the whole thing!!!! A mix of emotions, nerves for Caroline, because she was as cool as a cucumber, pride, happiness, and a bit of sadness, she is not that little anymore!

The teachers were so sweet to ask Emma to had out the programs. She was thrilled and took her job SERIOUSLY! One parent reported back to me that she was saying "Enjoy the show!" as she handed them the program. She is so sweet!

And Lulu, just being Lulu...cute! In my humble opinion. She was NOT allowed to leave that seat!

Okay! I am starting to make my own stomach sick with all this gushing over my girls!! Enough bragging! For now!


Seven! How can little Emmie be seven?
We will be celebrating tomorrow with a trip to Club Libby Lu and Emma's restaurant of choice, Ruby's Diner!
Tonight, Caroline was in a class play so we celebrated with cake after. Nana, Pop-Pop and Granny joined us for an early dinner, the play, and cake!
I am so proud of Emma, having to share her birthday with her big sister's big play. She was so gracious and proud of her sister! But, that is Emma!!!


Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Back to Reality

We hit the ground running this morning...I had to be at the big girls school at 8:45 this morning to help with Caroline's class production. Which is nearly impossible since I have to drop Lulu off at school at 8:30, walk her in, and drive back 10 miles to the other school. I made it a few minutes late, but, I made it! The play is cute! More on that later!

I had my cleaning "friend" and the cable guy here this morning. Ran a few errands, came down to my studio to start to get back in the groove. Decided to look at what else I have going on for the rest of the week...UGH! My MomAgenda is packed!!!! Feeling a bit overwhelmed at where to start I decided to get the mail!


The Lilly Pulitzer Warehouse Sale ...I can't wait! I am booking my sitter this afternoon!

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Home Sweet Home

We have returned from our trip to Carmel! I love being away but, I love going home, too!

MBM and I in Big Sur. We ate lunch in this beautiful spot at Nepenthe...breathtaking views and excellent burgers, too!

That is MBM in the orange shorts. Bad picture, I know! I am asking for a new camera for Mother's Day! Anyway, this was at mile 23...3 more miles to go...he looked great! I was enjoying a mimosa when he went by....probably explains the bad picture! Oh, I forgot to mention he finished in under 4 hours, 3:50 something! Not his best time but her was more interested in taking in the scenery and the the hills where a killer!

The day after the marathon we went for breakfast and massages at the Quail Lodge. MBM needed it, his legs were so tight. I just needed it! Then we just fluttered around Carmel By The Sea...I popped in and out of shops. I picked up a few things for the girls at Pink Wasabi.

We had dinner at the Mission Ranch. So fun with a piano bar and anyone could get up and sing. Pretty sure I heard the worst rendition of Kid Rock and Cheryl Crow's "Picture" sung by a couple well into their sixties!

I took this picture last night at sunset. Their house tradition is to toast the sunset and ring a bell! CHEERS!!!! So if you are considering heading out west....GO!!!!! I LOVE being from the Northeast but, I would consider taking our show on the road for a sunset like this every night!