Monday, November 30, 2009

Psst...Over Here...

Hello friends! I have decided to take my show on the can find me here now. My life has changed so much over the past year and let's face it Facebook is so easy! Come find me there, too!
I have created a new blog to support my new venture as a "designer"...
I hope you will come visit me, as a few friendly faces are always nice when you are starting something new!
Life with Lulu has been a blast and I am so grateful for all the friendships it brought to my life! I'll be closing "lulu" in a week or so!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Dreaming of the Beach Already

A few weeks back, I mentioned we were looking at moving to a small farm...those plans have been tabled until the new year. I think about the farm all the time, continue to drive by and check the listing online...MBM, has moved on. And by moved on, I mean hasn't given a second thought and is more focused on the beach house. If we were to move to the farm, our beach house plans (knock down and rebuild)  would be years and years and years know, because this all cost money and we have three kids to educate. Those are the things I forget about...thanks goodness for MBM to reel me back in!
We have been talking more about the beach house and yesterday in the mail we received a real estate magazine for our beach town and surrounding towns...this is getting really long...sorry ...
Anyway, we came across an architect and fell in love with his work. And while looking at his online portfolio found houses that we have photographed to use as inspriation when it is time for the wreaking ball!

Take a look...I love EVERY detail in his work!

I should mention, our house and lot are don't get the wrong idea...he would need to design something in minature!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Before and After

My client, a stay at home mom of two young boys need helpwarming up her dining room. She LOVES blue (thank goodness since she is in a house full of boys) her goal was pretty! I think that is exactly what we got!



We warmed up the paint color, changed out the area rug, repositioned the dining chairs, and added lovely flat panel drapery on the windows. The windows in this room are small, so we hung the drapery hardware about 8" past the molding on both sides to give the illusion of larger windows and to gain as much light as possible.

Drapery fabric...lovely Ralph Lauren soft blue, yellow, cream floral.

With the left over fabric, I recovered the shades for the buffet lamps.

This is the only eating area in the house...wouldn't you love to start your day with coffee and toast in this pretty room?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I've got nothing! I don't know if I am really busy and can't find the time or I just really have nothing to say...
Thinking about changing things up....

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Road Trip

MBM and I are leaving bright and early tomorrow morning, like 5:00 AM, for Wilmington, North Carolina.
He will be racing in the Beach to Battleship Triathlon and I will be taking in the sites and shops! I have always wanted to go to Wilmington, ever since I found out this and this were filmed there. CapeSide and Tree Hill are second to my favorite TV town Stars Hollow...should be fun!!
Any suggestions were to eat or places I must see...please, I am all ears!

Monday, November 2, 2009


A Hippie

Tinker Bell

A Nerd

Monday, October 26, 2009


Lulu's 7th Birthday! UGH, baby girl is seven! She had a costume party and loved every second of it!

The table all set for cake and ice cream.

I decided to forgo the goody bags and just do chocolate covered pretzels for the kids to share with their families.

Pumpkin Bowling Lane

Spooky Cake

 Guesstimate the Monster Eye Balls

Costume Contest Awards...Caroline and Emma were the judges.

My girls waiting for the guest to arrive

The Mummy Wrap Game

Pumpkin Bowling

Make a WISH!

Good time had by all! My wish for Lulu this year is to stay seven forever!