Friday, November 20, 2009

Dreaming of the Beach Already

A few weeks back, I mentioned we were looking at moving to a small farm...those plans have been tabled until the new year. I think about the farm all the time, continue to drive by and check the listing online...MBM, has moved on. And by moved on, I mean hasn't given a second thought and is more focused on the beach house. If we were to move to the farm, our beach house plans (knock down and rebuild)  would be years and years and years know, because this all cost money and we have three kids to educate. Those are the things I forget about...thanks goodness for MBM to reel me back in!
We have been talking more about the beach house and yesterday in the mail we received a real estate magazine for our beach town and surrounding towns...this is getting really long...sorry ...
Anyway, we came across an architect and fell in love with his work. And while looking at his online portfolio found houses that we have photographed to use as inspriation when it is time for the wreaking ball!

Take a look...I love EVERY detail in his work!

I should mention, our house and lot are don't get the wrong idea...he would need to design something in minature!


Meg said...

Hello! I have just spent the last few minutes catching up on your blog, and now I will go check out the photos. It's great to hear the excitement and inspiration in your voice, when thinking about the changes you are considering making to your beach home. I know you might have been hoping for a change right now with the farm, but that sounds like a good plan too (to wait until 2010.) Your blog is always a delight, and I'm happy to have stopped by. Enjoy your holiday!

Meg said...

I'm back after looking at the photos. WOW!! So many beauties, I don't think I could choose a favorite.

barefootinthesand said...

I have a ton of inspirational pictures with the intent to put in a notebook!! Love the architect's work!