Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Dad Vail Regatta

A few weeks ago was the 71st Dad Vail Regatta here in Philadelphia. An event, which I have hardly ever missed since elementary school. Here in Philadelphia rowing is huge...when you see images of Philadelphia, most likely a picture of Boat House Row is included My brother, has been what we lovingly refer to as, a "River Rat" since the age of 14. He rowed for his high school and college. In his sophomore year at Notre Dame he became hurt and started coaching. He helped turn a club sport into a varsity sport at ND. After graduating he took on a coaching job at Northwestern. And finally returned to the Philadelphia's beloved Schuylkill River to coach LaSalle University for a few years and for the past 8 or so years he has been coaching the St. Joe Hawks. He was named the Atlantic 10 Coach of the Year. The Dad Vail is a BIG day for my brother and a fun day for us! The girls love to go to the river, they act like they own the boat house. The team parents grill and there are all sorts of food and drinks. Alumni come to socialize on the dock and cheer on the team! Enjoy the pictures from our day! My mom and the girls...hot dogs on the dock Caroline and Lulu...ready to cheer on the boat as it races by! The girls with my brother and his assistant coach/fiance waiting to welcome the boat back to the dock!

Sunday, May 17, 2009


What a fun day! Without going into too much detail today's run was a memorial run for my brother's fiance's BIL, Marty! (are you with me?) He died suddenly last summer @ 41 years old, leaving a wife and four children, ages 1-10...heartbreaking. Incidentally, Marty went to high school with my brother, I went to college with Marty, and MBM knew Marty, as they worked in the same field. Marty knew everybody...Everybody! He coached his kids, was active in their school and church, did the "Dad Dance" at his girls dance recitals, was involved in both his high school and college alumni. Are you getting a clear picture of the kind of guy he was? Today, his wife said that Marty loved more than anything being with his family and friends. Today was all about family and friends...I don't know the final turn out...they ran out of t-shirts, 750 t-shirts were order! I ran into friends from high school, college, my hometown and I spent the day with all the people I love most! Along with the 5K and 1 Mile Fun Run/Walk the were all sorts of food, drinks, games for the kids, face painting, and an Irish band! It was a GREAT day! Oh, and I finished the 5K in a reasonable time and I wasn't last! Enjoy the pictures! Emma finishing the 1 Mile Fun Run...Mimi (my MIL) and Uncle Gerry (my brother) cheering her on! Bridget (Marty's Daughter) and Emma Lulu, looking sporty and loving all the snacks! Emma, Me, and Mimi...my MIL won 1st Place for her age bracket! The Three Amigos!

Friday, May 15, 2009

These two...

Are kicking butts and taking names! Lilli will be two next month and Alec is 5 months old, they arrived here on Wednesday morning and I am exhausted! EXHAUSTED!!!! My SIL and BIL needed some last minute childcare and MBM and I were happy to help out. But, for the love of GOD, I was thrown back to diapers, bottles, naps, strollers, sippy cups, bibs, pacifiers, and all sorts of other equipment and it has knocked me on my A$$! Not to mention the 5:15AM wake up call. Now don't get me wrong they are angels...sweetest little babies ever, I just don't remember how hard it was having little littles around. Yesterday, I didn't shower and I forgot to eat lunch, I tucked myself into bed before my own children were in bed. Right now, Lilli is sleeping and Alec is chilling on MBM's lap, he is on a conference call. They will be leaving this afternoon. It should take me a good hour to gather up their belongings and breakdown all the equipment. I should also mention that my girls have been a HUGE help...especially Lulu since she is here most of the day (1/2 Kindergarten) but, having the babies here, I realized quite suddenly, she is not a baby anymore...BOOHOO! In othr news... I am way behind on sewing and buried under a big monogramming project...I am running my first ever 5K on Sunday, keep your fingers crossed, I am ok with being last, I just want to finish in a reasonable time)...this time next week I will most likely have my toes in sand!!!!!! Have a great weekend! h.

Monday, May 4, 2009


Last weekend MBM went on a bike ride with our neighbor, on those country roads, when he returned he told me he saw a couple dragging a desk to the curb. Since, the curb is my favorite place to shop I jumped in my car to have a look...It was of course love at first sight! Solid wood, eight drawers, in really good shape, but needs a little bit of love. And it had a FREE signed to boot! I needed some muscle to get it in the car, but, was afraid to leave this beauty, as someone else might spot her. So, I did what any good trash picker would do...first, I removed the FREE signs, then, I took all the drawers out and put them in the car. Who would want a desk without the drawers? Scooted home, picked up MBM and hauled this baby home! After we unloaded, MBM and I stood back proud of our find, ok, his find...he says, "Where are you going to put it?" To which, I said, "I have no idea, I just wanted it!" Look at the detail... Well, I know now, I am going to use it in my dressing room. When, I get around to polishing her up and making her pretty, I'll share!


There is nothing like hosting a party to get your butt in gear...that's what I was doing all last week. Cleaning, sewing, touching up paint, organizing, baking, shopping, cooking, polishing....Yesterday, I hosted a bridal shower for my SIL "to be", it was a lovely party on a not so lovely day, cold and rainy! I didn't take one picture all day or even before the guest arrived, you know, when you house is just so, everything in it's place, fresh flowers in every room, all your china and crystal sparkling....ahhhh. Less than 24 hours later in it back to it normal state of disorder! Saturday...Lacrosse game in the pouring rain. The girls LOVED it! Me not so much, Lulu not at all! Emma...on the side lines! Caroline passing! This week, I am chaining myself to my sewing machine. I am working on several diffierent projects for 3 different clients!