Monday, March 31, 2008


The girls, Roosevelt and I headed to the shore right after school on Friday! MBM was flying in from Seattle and went right from the airport to the shore. We had a great Friday, beer, People magazine, and early to bed! I am a nerd, I know!!!! But, I have spent so many Friday nights peddling my goods it was so nice to get in my jammies and relax!
Saturday, we were up early and headed over to our house to clean and prepare for our summer tenants. Saturday night was basically a repeat of Friday...and I loved every second of it!
Sunday, we headed home. Well, actually directly to the lacrosse field as the girls had a "playday" to kick off their season. Thank goodness, Spring decided to make an appearance. The girls were great! They won, 14-10...Emma had four goals! And, Caroline doesn't let her size hold her back from being a fierce defender.

Emma, #59, going toward goal

Caroline guarding a girl a bit taller then her!

Emma passing to Caroline...I almost fainted! Emma doesn't really like to share the ball and with her sister...I was blown away!

What's in store for this week...more lacrosse, logging some hours at the gym, lacrosse, sewing, lacrosse, court, lacrosse, manicure and pedicure, lacrosse...

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Spring...where are you?

It is cold and rainy here today. The kind of day you would like to stay inside under a blanket with a book. Since that is not an option, Lulu and I decided to forge ahead and make some sunshine of our own. In her choice of outfits today...

That brightens things up, doesn't it?

In other news...
Tonight, is my last custom "gig" is bitter sweet! I have had four very successful years schlepping my goods in and out of the homes of wonderful women. And I owe it all to these women for spreading the word out my little bag studio, because I never advertised. I will miss meeting new people and helping the ladies put their combinations together. But, I am also very excited about all the time that I am going to have to make new things for my Etsy store, the boutiques I work with and the upcoming market/art shows I am participating. And of course, I am still looking at other opportunities...hopefully, I will have some news soon!

Speaking of opportunities. MBM turned down the Boston area company and it looks like we will not be taking our show on the road after all. I am not going to lie, I am a bit disappointed. I had a house all picked out Wellesley!

One last thing...has anybody watched this? I think it is pretty funny!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Spring Break

The girls were on Spring Break last week. We headed to the shore after lacrosse practice on Wednesday.
The mother cooked EVERY meal...I read for HOURS under a blanket on Thursday while the girls played AND didn't argue once...MBM and I went to dinner and Target for last minute basket fillers...MBM LOVED Target...Nana and I took the girls to see Penelope, so cute...Saturday we went to a party for our niece, Lulu danced the WHOLE time, complete with jumping spinning and air guitar.

Caroline and Emma were SOOOO embarrassed that Lulu was dancing...they had the BEST CAKE EVER at the party...the Easter Bunny did not disappoint, books, bathing suits, Crocs, sweaters, magic markers...the Easter Bunny even showed up at brunch...

after brunch we had our annual Egg Hunt with our friends...

...we played lacrosse on the beach...I let my cousin cut my bangs, she is in a student at the Jean Madeline Aveda Institute...Lulu and I took Roosevelt for a walk...I took a nap...drank some wine...hung out with the family...headed home on Monday ready to get back to our routine!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Monday, March 17, 2008


Happy St. Patrick's Day! Hope you are feeling the luck of the Irish today. I am feeling a bit like a chauffeur today myself. The girls are on Spring Break. We have been on the go all day and really just stopped home for an hour or so for nourishment and to add layers for lacrosse practice. I am planning my route to the field via Starbucks.
Friday night I hosted the Eco-Friendly Bunko. It was a success. For dinner I served Potato Leek Soup, delicious and EASY! Well, let me rephrase that...preparing the soup was easy...heating up to be served was a different story! Really, the following just proves I should not be left unsupervised in the kitchen. I was warming up the soup, so I though, I had it on the wrong burner. How I was not tipped of by the empty BIG BRIGHT RED burner on the stove top, I don't know. Of course, I realized my error after the soup was served and everyone was eating the tepid concoction...classic Heather!
WE had lots of fun anyway! And the "Green" prises were a hit! All products that are organic or promote greener living all wrapped up in these clever reusable bags from here!

MBM is traveling to Boston today. Needham, Mass. to be you think I would like it there? We are all over the place...should we move or stay put!
Oh, and I finally spoke with my perspective employer...but, I am still waiting to set up a meeting! Patience, Heather, patience!

Thursday, March 13, 2008


This is our refrigerator. Looks fine to me. All sorts of stuff on, kid's art, schedules, etc...

Well, Caroline informed me there is something that is, in her words, "Mom, where did you get that? It is INAPPROPRIATE!"

This is what is causing the fuss...

If you want some inappropriateness for your fridge, you can get it here.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Please, RING, Please!

I have been staring at the phone for the past two days. I mentioned a week or two ago about a career change. Well, last week, I set out my resume and received an immediate response. The women I spoke with was calling to say that she had received my resume, was very interested in talking to me about a position, and would call on Monday to set up a time to meet. That was yesterday!!!!
So, I have been reduced to a 15 year old girl waiting for a boy to call. I decided to stick close to home today...just in case she calls. Trying to keep myself busy today I have made two bags, two pillows, colored my hair, cleaned up for the cleaning lady, painted the trim and doors in Emma's room.
What am I going to do tomorrow if she doesn't call by the end of today?

Monday, March 10, 2008

Warning: Debbie Downer appears in this post

Last week we lost one of our beach friends. He was sick. We knew it would be soon. The last time we saw him was here, he was so sick, but insisted on having a party. Because he loved a party. And he often said, "When life gives you lemons, make a Lemon Drop Martini!" I am sad. Our beach circle will never be the same. He would come to the beach late in the afternoon, with a cooler in hand. We would cheer when we saw him come over the dunes. When he arrived Happy Hour on the beach officially started. He would sit down next to his wife, always, and open the cooler, out would come his penguin cocktail shaker with some delicious cocktail to share with all of us! I am going to miss him.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

It's not easy...Going Green!

MBM and I have been working hard to live a little greener these days. Since the New Year we have, eliminated water bottles and paper napkins, use only reusable grocery bags, changes out light bulbs, keep the house a bit cooler, etc...

Well, this month it is my turn to host Bunko. I like to have a theme when I host, in past years I have had "Cinco de Bunko", "Beach Blanket Bunko", and last year I hosted in October I had "Bunko for Boobs" Each time, I chose the invitation, menu, drinks, prizes, and decor, to go with the theme. "Bunko for Boobs" I did a pink drink , a "Martitti", all the prizes were items that support breast cancer, I made each guest a pink ribbon, etc...

So, in the spirit of Going Green and St. Patrick's Day...Bunko is Going Green! And I need help! I have already sent an eco-friendly paperless Evite and have an organic menu set. I am planning on wrapping the gifts in reusable grocery bags. But, I need gift ideas.
What are your favorite green products or ways that you are living greener that I can turn into a prize?

Monday, March 3, 2008

Running Around...

That basically sums up what has been going on in these parts. Running the girls to and fro playdates, sleepovers, practices, and lessons. On Friday, alone I put some serious miles on the car.
Friday night I had a handbag "gig", did some traveling for that, too! It is fun, I love when the guests realize that I am not a consultant for a larger company, that it is just me, a stay at home mom, and my sewing machine. Most of my clientele are women just like me, looking for something fun, practical, and affordable.
I have also been considering a change. Still creative and using my favorite medium, fabric. I did my resume, with lots of help from MBM, for the first time in over 10 years. On paper, I am not too bad!
MBM is also considering a change. He has two opportunities, one in the Northern Virginia/DC area, which from here would be commutable. The other in the Boston area. That is not so commutable. This is the first time I have considered the thought of a relocation. I have lived in the Philadelphia are my whole life, I am such a homebody. MBM was rather shocked when I said I would be up for it. So, we will see!

The bag pictures about is new, I have been really into yellow. I have listed a bunch of new stuff on ETSY...take a peek!